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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Here's the story..........

See, this is the problem of being a 70's child in the UK. We didn't get the Brady Bunch. Or at least, I think we did but it wasn't big so I only really have vague notions it may have been on one of the three channels we had to watch back then (so spoiled for choice as we were) at some mid morning point during the holidays or something, quite likely just before Rainbow or maybe after Why Don't You? Or something or nothing. May even have been on a Sunday after the Famous Five ... but I never saw that either. Although I did see the first episode of some thing where a kid gets chased into a lift of a reet dodgy block of flats by some bullies and goes down below the basement and ends up in some other world .... and that's where that episode ended and I never saw it again.

So back to The Bunch

I know it existed, I also know it was like the Partridge Family (which I do recall watching ... along with Doctor Who and Batman. I wasn't allowed to watch Cobbledicks Genie as it scared me. I hope that was a rel show and I wasn't just sent to the foot of the stairs to play once a week so my family could get some peace. I am going to google it in a second but for now really need to get to the point about the Brady Bunch. Oh god, I have gone on forever and said more in brackets than out and now when I finally get to make my point it will have been built up too much and cant possibly live up to its own hype. Its like the Batman movie all over again. Which probably means that the next post will be amazing, the one after have too much colour and not be much cop and the one after that a total pile of shite with too many characters and a mis-cast villain. At least I am safe in the knowledge that somebody will reboot my blog franchise in 10 years and do a really good job, even if they will mis-cast the joker). My first real contact with the Brady Bunch was the 1995 movie. And I sat, enthralled and in wonderment ..... pissing myself laughing from start to end. A year later when I started work at Cineworld, one of the first posters we had up was for A Very Brady Sequel ... which sadly didn't see the light of day in cinemas in the end but I have since bought the dvd and like that too, but not as much.
So imagine my joy to find this:
And discover that a lot of the really corny horrendous lines and plots from the film were genuinely ripped form the original show. Mirth heaven.
I recently bought series 1 on dvd while in Florida, but have yet to watch further than the pilot .....

See, told you it wouldn't live up to it. Its officially a Spaghetti Bolognaise story.

Oh god, now you need to know why its a spag bol story....

Picture the scene. 1994, Emily's house in Pirton. Our circle of friends are at Emily's for the weekend as her parents are away. Raucous parties weren't our style. Just show tunes and chocolate mousse. For the main meal, each of the six of us attending had prepared something .. and mine was the spaghetti bolognaise. After one mouthful, Sarah Billington (who prayed for me daily, bless her as she knows I am going to burn in hell for my acts of sodomy but she loves me anyway) burst out laughing .... hysterically ...... naturally, in such a situation, one asks what is funny ... she couldn't tell us .... so we asked more ..... and so it went on. Eventually, she started giving the excuse, while still laughing and us along with her, laughter being as infectious as it is (even though we had no clue why we were now also in pain from such mirth), that it wouldn't and couldn't possibly be as funny as it was now built up to be. After much more laughter, cracked ribs, split guts and the rest of it, she finally confessed that all she had originally wanted to say was 'this spaghetti is well lush man' but the phrase made her laugh before she had even said it .... and it all kicked off from there. So henceforth, any story that actually cant possibly be as good as it gets built up to be, became a Spaghetti Bolognaise Story. Which is a bit of a spaghetti bolognaise story in itself as its not really that funny unless you were there........

And I can find no reference to Cobbledicks Genie. Oh fuck.

27/12/06 update: Spoke to mother about Cobbledicks Genie. It does exist but was called Pardon My Genie. There is some info here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0379135/
Thank seven lords of fuck for that.


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