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Monday, 18 December 2006

Weekend Report

Of course, Monday morning always seems to automatically erase most of the weekend instantly from existence, so you don't feel as rested and cant actually think what you did.

But Mark was down! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Granted, he was due to arrive at 5.30 and for reasons beyond his control (like the M25 being round and so you can actually go around it the wrong way, looks for a junction that doesn't exist, go round it again and then turn back and start again going the right way three hours later) he didn't arrive until about 10.00pm.

Saturday was very much a chill out sit around the house day, until we went out to see Eragon in the evening (which I think looks a bit shit but Mark had said about going to see a film and the choice was slim pickings .... I would happily sit through shite like Deck the Halls this close to xmas though) ... until we got to a cash point and not one of the three of us could get money out as we are all overdrawn, so we went home again and played Disney Haunted Mansion Cluedo. Dan won the first three games, I won the fourth.

Sunday was another sit around chatting day, as days with Mark usually are ... except for a jaunt out to refuel his car ... but we had to find a Tesco garage as his other card has money on it but he doesn't know the pin number to it .... luckily tesco machines don't ask for a pin if you pay at pump.

We then watched part 1 of Sky Ones adaptation of The Hogfather. Now, it has to be said, I am not a discworld fan. I know a bit about it as a lot of my friends read them but I don't. I have read some of them (Mort, The Colour of Magic, the Light Fantastic, The Feegle books and Maurice and His Amazing Educated Rodents) and if you do know about them, you will probably notice that I have read more of the junior ones than the regular ones ... which says a lot about me really. But back to Hogfather ..... it was fantastic! David Jason was very funny as Albert, loving the girl playing Susan, Death was good but being a puppet, his expression never changes which is a shame.... and they even left Death of Rats in! Apparently it is extremely faithful to the book..... I look forward to the concluding part tonight. (Pete, not sure you read Pratchett, but if this int broadcasting down under, and you'd like to see, shout and I'll burn a copy off for you)

And of course, Sunday means Torchwood. Last night saw a plane that took off from Bristol in 1953, land in Cardiff in 2006. No monsters or scaries ..... just seeing these people adapt to what has happened to them and find new lives. Possibly best written episode to date. And they filmed some of it in the Asda where I Shop up in Caerphilly!

I also had a message from a guy I chat to online in my local area. He plays in the National Orchestra for Wales (so plays on the Doctor Who theme and was in the concert recently at the Wales Millennium Centre that is being broadcast on BBCi on Xmas day via the 'red button' feature). For being a part of that, he has been given a special limited edition CD of the Doctor Who music ..... that he is giving to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I feel honoured and excited is a mild understatement!



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