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Wednesday, 13 December 2006

A Royal Variety

Yes, it was the the televised royal variety performance last night.

Opened by John Barrowman singing..... who also returned later to the Torchwood theme and did the whole 'the 21st century is when it all changes' line WOOHOO!

A bit hit and miss with the comedians ..... but the musical sections .... my lord! Ok, so giving Spamalot a 20 minute section was a bad move. Since I though it was shit. But a Sound of Music medley! Two songs from Wicked - which was amazing and I really wnat to go and see it ... and Avenue Q - featuring Torchwoods Naoko Mori (aka titicaca from Ab Fab .. poor woman, she will always be titicaca......), and a good mate fo mine from college! Giles Terera .... he plays Gary Coleman in Avenue Q. Great guy, very talented actor/singer/musician. Not in the least bit surprised to see he has been successful in a stage career. Must drop him a line to say well done!

I was left wondering though .... just how do you get a ticket? Can anyone go or do you have to be some tarty hoi polloi type? Maybe you have to give a member of the royalty a hand job on the sly? Heaven knows, I am not above such things!



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