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Tuesday, 5 December 2006

How did we solve a problem..

.... we voted for Connie. For those of you around the world going 'Eh?' I shall explain.
Following on from every rubbish pop factor stars crap we seem to be deluded with these days, the west end got in on the act and we had How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria over the summer, where girls auditioned in their thousands to get the role of Maria in the new London production of The Sound of Music. The final 10 then battled it out each week via public vote, leaving Connie Fisher as the winner back in September. I am listening to her debut album as I type and LOVE IT! Apparently next year they are doing it again to find a Sandy & Danny for Grease. I am guessing they will call it Summer Nights or something........ lets hope the lovely and handsome and cheeky John Barrowman will be on the panel again.

In other news .... very odd dreams last night. Now, I don't often remember them and to have three from one night that I can remember in such detail is no coincidence.

In one, I was in this field and it was kind of like a hazy summer twilight and an old man I passed (who I somehow knew was like a groundskeeper for this place) told me to look out for the fairy ... and sure enough about 10 seconds later a beautiful fairy was fluttering around before me and I caught her... well I held up my hand and she landed in it ... she was all white and grey, almost like a three inch high snow sculpture but with great detail in her wings like snowflakes. I heard her voice, not out loud but inside my head, not like a thought, different .. cant describe it really and she said she would grant my three wishes and she flew away but as she did she broke up, like ash rising from a bonfire and I was upset, but then I realised that this is how she was granting my wish, by scattering herself to fill the world with my wishes and that's just what fairies do.

The next bit involved a man who was actually a wolf and he wanted to eat me .... he was about 40/50's and had grey hair and piercing blue eyes (and jeans and check shirt) but I could fly and flew up a tree to get away from him. But because I was scared of him but also strangely attracted to him, I could only fly so high and he could reach my feet. Somebody (vague idea it was actually my mother) was grappling at him to try and pull him away. I don't remember how I got down but I do remember then being in his house .. which was very Disney cottage in the woods form snow white' type of thing and kind of wanting to to have sex because I was really totally in lust with him but also knowing that if I did he was going to kill me after.......

the next one was kind of at the house i lived in with my mum, brother and sister when she was married to their dad. I was as I am now ... but Elly was 5 again and James wasn't there. I remember mum coming home from a night out and I peeped down the stairs to see who the man was I was going to have the incredibly not joyous time of listening to her shag this time and he was a fat bloke with a Hawaiian shirt on and I knew his name was Simon.

I think I need to be locked up.


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