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Monday, 4 December 2006

So here it is, merry christmas

Yes, its all really started now December is here. Not least the GMG Radio annual 'do' and awards.

We flew up on friday night as trying to do everything in a day last year killed me for a week ... so we landed .. well I say landed, it was like the opening scene of Lost trying to get that plane down in Glasgow. The plane was tilting and bucking like a whore on top..... at about 6.30 and had a coach to the hotel. Some people had plans to go out but myself and Dan decided to trudge about and find a suitable eatery ... but couldn't be arsed and ended up with Burger King. And got piss soaking wet in the torrential rain in the process. Saturday, the rain continued so we decided to not even leave the hotel room until the party.

And what a party it was! The pre-show was a warm up from Four Poofs and a Piano, who did Kylie and ABBA medleys as well as a song about having a large penis. We then went into the awards .... Wales did quite well, we walked away with at least 4 I can think of. The opening act was Andy Abraham (last years X Factor runner up) who was very good, the half time was Tony Christie, who apparently still hasn't found out if this is the way to Amarillo (its been how many years? Get a tom tom!), there was a surprise appearance by Jim Royle (teh brilliant Ricky Tomlinson. I have never seen the Royle Family but used to love him in Brookside!) and to finish the awards, the gorgeous Ronan Keating (see pic .... I need to get back on that diet pronto ... and yes, that gold shirt is fabulous but bloody hot. I was also in 6 inch silver platforms...) ((bugger .. pic wont load, will post it seperately if it will let me))

Now, the awards a big affair ..... there were a total of 5 video screens around the room, so that winners could be picked out getting up for their awards, like on the telly, but the camera who picked them out, would get in position before the nominations were announced .... so i always knew who was going to win just by where he was pointing as we all sit in groups. I did have a minor heart attack just before station of the year was announced as the camera was pointing in Wales direction ..... not realising that Smooth London were sat between us and the camera......

The company video was amazing .... they had edited and 'Forrest Gump'ed the senior management into James Bond films (we had a Bond theme for the party) and it was very funny. Our managing director took Bond's place in the infamous 'I expect you to die Mr Bond' scene ......

There was another live band and a disco ... so much crazy dancing ensued and I remember posing for a lot of photos that have yet to appear anywhere.........

And the goss? Well, far be it from me to spread malicious rumour gossip or scandal BUT .... one of the four poofs did allegedly spend the night with a member of our programming team ....... saying no more!



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