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Friday, 8 December 2006

Who's? Car

So I am booking my car in to have a service on 21 when I get paid. I am on the phone to Heather, who happens to be the mother of Kat who works here at Real. While chatting away, Kat rings our office and Tree answers. I hear Tree having a fit and going 'oh my god ... yep ... I'll tell him now ... ill stick a note under his nose'. I start panicking in the back of my head ... what is so important that Tree needs to stick a note under my nose rather than wait 90 seconds for me to book my car in for a service? Has a member of my family been hurt? Has Dan been crushed as his building collapsed due to a rogue alien (his office is frighteningly close to that rift down the bay you know)? And please bear in mind ... I don't know who Tree is talking to so it could be anyone.... as I am talking to Heather, the post it appears ......'David Tennants car is in Kats mums garage'.... you can imagine my joy ...... teh same grease monkey who fixes The Doctors vehicle (isn't that technically the TARDIS?) will be fitting my brakes and changing the oil. If he took the courtesy car, then I could well be driving that two weeks yesterday.

I did then pause the conversation about my car to ask Heather about Davids ... he apparently didn't book it under David Tennant ... but I wont reveal publicly the name he used (although fans really should be able to work out what name he does use ...) as I am sure he doesn't want a deluge of people trying to track his car down........... then again, I am fairly sure that nobody reads this aside from Roo and Pete ..... and Pete is the other side of teh planet ... Roo might be a problem though given her latent stalker tendencies are coming out with Matt Le Tisier.

Yes, the equivalent of sending me into a sauna with babydaddy has happened to our Roo. She is going on a date with Matt Le Tisier. Dead chuffed for her and told her I fully expect her to put out for him or I shall be v disappointed.



  • At 10:20 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Lucky I am on the other side of the world - I'm rubbish at meeting celebrities.

    Bet I can guess the alias, though ...

    And glad to hear about the Le Tissier date. She's only been trying, oh, ten or fifteen years.

  • At 7:38 pm, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    I know! And it's finally going to happen. Unfortunately I did sound like a stalker when I spoke to him on the phone ("Matt, I have your picture on my keyring/have your videos/went to your testimonial/was on the front row of An Audience with...!) Short of telling him I rifled through his bins I couldn't have scared him more. Bless him though he was sweet enough to laugh and be lovely as anything.

  • At 12:07 pm, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    But will you get into his pants?


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