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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Where, What, Who am I?

Ever have one of those days where you actually feel like your head is stuffed with sawdust? That's me today.
I cant concentrate on anything ...... at all.
My usual attention span is .. um .. about 4 seconds but today I cant even stretch that far. My head feels quite literally blank. I have had to deal with a few clients on the phone and found myself actually not talking in constructed, coherent sentences.

Somebody slap me.

on the plus side, part 2 of The Hogfather was very good. I especially liked Death's Hogswatch card to Susan.

And they have revealed the Empress of the Racnoss for The Runaway Bride is a giant spider. joy. Mind you, there was dirty great red knee tarantula in Hogfather last night and I only flinched slightly. Vile creatures.

I have an appointment with a client at 1.30 today but may have to drive myself in. This presents 2 problems. My insurance does not cover me to drive for work, so I will need a pool car so no real big there but then I have to park in Cardiff city centre .... and I have no money at all. Chances fo finding free parking? Zero. Will have to skank the sales exec for the parking as they get to claim it back anyway.

And am v pissed off with nat west. For about the 5th time this year, they have bounced my bills due to insufficient funds, but still taken their own charges for doing so, leaving me £115 overdrawn. Cunts. Have recently seen news articles about people claiming these back as they arent strictly lawful. Fully intend to do this and get back all the charges from last 18 months... which total just over £500. If they refuse, you can take them to small claims as they cant prove that it actually costs them more than £5 ... and they charge £38 each transaction. Bah. Hate money. its rubbish.


  • At 8:09 am, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Wonder if that business about charging you their fees regardless is illegal over here, too? If I were to reclaim all the cash my bank's done me out of I could fund a small nation for a year. Or six.

  • At 10:30 am, Anonymous chase said…

    well I am also having problems in concentrating on some work and i need to do this before xmas comes

  • At 12:12 pm, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    I think its seasonal. There will be a reognised disorder if we give it long enough.
    Defficiency In Concentration Complaint. Lets face it we all like DICC at xmas! ;-)


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