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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Its a Rich Mans World

So, the car cost me £160 for the service four days before Christmas. £115 yesterday for its work to try and get it through the MOT (legal requirement in the UK) which it failed due to brakes and now the brakes are going to cost a further £300. So that will be almost £600 in total. I could actually buy another car for that but it wouldn't be as funky as The Protonator (my car, which is worth around £3000) and would probably be dead within a year.

So with me now totally penniless, I had to rely on Dan to give me bus fare to get to work today. Then he e-mailed me to say that the bank has taken £300 from his account and closed it for continually being overdrawn. So now we have no money, no car and about 8 days worth of food to last three weeks.

can you say up shit creek without a paddle?

I am due to see Kylie this friday at wembley. The ticket is paid for and Mark (wonderful man that he is) had even given me £50 for the petrol to get me there and back .... which has now become a bus ticket and two travel cards to get me around london ....... I'd bloody thumb a lift if it came to it than miss Kylie....

I have asked my employers about the possibility of a company loan for £500 to get the car going, pay for Dan's travel and get food..... keep 'em crossed for me.


  • At 2:02 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Sympathise with you one hundred per cent - I'll never understand why banks think it's clever to punish you for having no money by charging you extra fees. How exactly does dropping you further into the red get you back in the black any faster?


  • At 9:22 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Along with you needing to prove you dont need an overdraft to actually have one........ its fucking insane. We should rebel.....


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