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Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Camp Nonsense

Yep, its .. actually does today have a name? I know that some people refer to the day before christmas eve as xmas eve eve .. so is today boxing boxing day? Post boxing day? Or maybe it's just december 27.

And I am already back at my desk. With a few bits to do but considering I have three days to do it, am not rushing.

So to bring you up to speed. Its been a very Doctor Who christmas.

Friday saw a great deal of rushing around to get everything ready for my trip homewards. I had a few last minute bits to get Dan, plus wrap all of the stuyff that had arrived in the morning. I then picked him up from work and we headed straight off to my mums ..... in the biggest cloud of fog ever. Seriously, it was dense for the entire journey.... thats about 170 miles. Or it was one cloud that was moving with me....... I did begin to wonder if maybe this fog was an alien smokescreen (literally) and that the powers that be were working with said extra terrestrials, hence the grounding of most flights to and from the UK. Go on, try and prove me wrong.

Saturday was day 1 of the intense visits. Managed to spend a few hours with my friend Sally who I havent seen in many years. Nice to see she hasnt changed even if recent months havent been kind to her. Also spent some time with my sister and her kids. Then the evening was the annual dinner with Mark & Lyanne. Of course, this extends to Steve now too as Lyannes fiancee and Mark had his friend Andrew over (no, not that kind of friend ... the poor boy is only 19 and I dont think he'd know what way he swings yet if he tried). Needless to say I spent most of the evening drinking or laughing and sometimes combinations of both resuling in southern comfort coming out of my nose. I know, so attractive. We had a big dinner, played Pirates of the Caribbean Game of Life (not recommended, its shit), then watched some tv

Sunday I went to see my brother - not home, Sue - home but feeling rough, Shelley - not home and finally Dad - home! Before heading back to Wales.

Now, to the Doctor Who stuff! Sunday saw a decent episode of Torchwood, plus my series 1 part 1 dvd had arrived saturday while we were away so I had the xtras to watch on that. There was a special Doctor Who confidential about the concert at the millennium centre on christmas day (the broadcast was xmas day, the concert was Nov 19. Check out Roos blog as the pic we had taken there is still the top post as I write), followed by a full recording of the concert itself on the red button function. We had a fab n groovy trailer for The Sarah Jane Adventures (check out http://sarahjanetv.blogspot.com/ ) which will broadcast on New Years Day, That day also sees the two part Torchwood finale which looks, frankly, fucking awesome. Last night we had a special on BBC2 Wales only, about Edward who oversees proudction of set and things. Narrated (very humourously) by Tom Baker this was a cracking little programe showing the making of The Runaway Bride and its just a pity that it was only broadcast here in Wales as I think a lot of fans and casual viewers alike would have gotten a lot out of this. I have it recorded on dvd if any of you want a copy.
Then of course, the evening on xmas day was the premiere of The Runaway Bride. Now, I know that this has come under a lot of criticism from whovians for being a pile of shite. I have had many calls and e-mails on it. But I say this: it was written with a target audience in mind and it wasnt scarf wearing fans. RTD went out quite specifically to make a show that would contend for the no.1 spot on the xmas ratings. To do this, it needs to appeal to children and drunk, tired people. End of. Just look at what Eastenders pulled out over its 400 episodes broadcast on xmas day (ok, so it was 2 or something) there was some bloke shagging his sons mrs, a knees up round the ole joanna in the vic, Pauline Fowler pegged it for christs sake. The Vicar of Dibley had Geraldine being proposed to, a briliant return to the puddle gag (VoD was actually the number 1 show in the ratings this year. Nobody saw that coming). If Who had been some big sci fi drama about Gallifrey and the internal workings of the time rotor, people would have switched off in droves. Instead we had, evil santas again, a superb car chase involving the TARDIS, lots of campery and running about, a nice big bad spider, and for the fans ... some genuinely touching moments seeing the Doctor getting over Rose and a very nice reference that he doesnt have to regenerate in human form...... and the programe came in 5th all day with 37% share of the audience figs during broadcast. which means its a success, which means we get more next year probably. If all eps were like this, we'd turn off but for a xmas special, this is exactly what it should be. Camp nonsense and I loved it.


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