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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

A Quiet One

That is my response to anyone who asks how my festive season went. To be totally honest, we aimed for a nice quiet time at home together, being our first Christmas in our joint home, and that is what we got. It made the whole thing something of a non event .. at no point did I feel festive, excited or anything other than totally indifferent. A lot of this also has to do with our financial situation, which since Florida has been purely surviving.

As most people know, I dont drink much and havent done since I was about 25. New Year is my usual exception but this year I just didnt feel like it, despite having a bottle of Jack Daniels at the ready. And so at midnight, I decided to never drink alcohol again. This doesnt mean things like I will avoid food that has been cooked in wine, chocolate liquers and stuff ... but actually having a glass of wine, a vodka and coke, a beer ...... no more. I got all excited at the prospect of the Thames fireworks on the BBC, and so after whatever we had been watching, sat all excited and ready from about 11.30. Then at 11.40 ..... pouff! Blackout. No power to the house at all ... or street for that matter ... until 12.35. So the new year was me and dan sat in our living room with a few candles ..... and I think its one of the best New Yeras ever.

Now, I know you could say, well, we did you have the holiday then? Simply this. The sale of my house last year financed it. It meant that instead of slowly pissing away the cash week by week on fizzy drinks, chocolate and take aways (which is what I did 2 years ago with the 8k I made from my house in Luton), I had something to show for it. Fabulous memories. I gave Dan his dream and I would have sold a testicle to achieve that, never mind a house.

And when I look at everything ...... its the fucking car that has caused this.
October: tax was due
November: £200 for a years AA membership (and having broken down once without cover and seeing the scary experience that was, never again)
December: £160 for a service .... which wasn't complete as they didn't have all the parts
January: MOT due today ...... £115 to get it sorted, and that is with the lovely Heather at the garage knocking off over £50 in charges for me as she knows I am struggling. Then bear in mind that the Dec & Jan bills have come from the same paycheck.
Now that I have got her road legal again, I have £2.57 until Jan 21st for fuel ... which is maybe 2 days petrol to work and back ..... and there is no other way for me to get to work. Not to mention that on Friday I am due to be going to London to see Kylie. Luckily Mark is lending me the cash to get the round trip to Wembley sorted (Bonjour Claude!) ......

On the plus side, the loan car I have has been driven by David Tennant, I believe. COOL

Oh, and Sarah Jane Adventures yesterday was brilliant. Lots of fun
Torchwoods season finale two parter was astounding. Loving it lots. Will say no more as not wishing to spoil for some of my readers outside the UK who will not have seen it yet!


  • At 6:41 pm, Blogger Kevin Charnas said…

    Right before (as in 5 seconds before) New Year's 2000, the power went out at my parent's home. We had a house full of people and no electricity. We lit lots of candles and proceeded to have the best New Year's I can remember... funny how that works out, isn't it?

    Glad that you and Dan had a great one, albeit a quiet one... :)

  • At 9:36 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Thank you!


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