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Monday, 22 January 2007

Show us your Captain, Jack!

Yes... that was the immortal line I bellowed across a silent auditorium at John Barrowman in Jack and the Beanstalk at the panto at the New Theatre, Cardiff on Saturday night. Needless to say he gave me a bit of a look back. I was also the only person who called out when he asked what had happened to the Princess .... at least that time there was supposed to be a response..... I also bought a signed Captain Jack figure and a mini sonic screwdriver torch.

The show was BRILLIANT! Just the right balance of fun and adventure for the kids and knowing winks at sauciness for the mums and dads. Plus of course, because of John, it is littered with Doctor Who and Torchwood references. Several times the ad libs caused the actors to lose the plot, exactly as a good panto should. Its only on for another week, but if you can get to Cardiff, I highly recommend this, even if just to see Dame Trot shopping at an actual Boots store on Queen Street, Cardiff, live on stage!



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