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Monday, 9 July 2007

Ooh I Am Pleased!

Its going to one of those tales from the weekend posts again folks...
Friday was a work bash out in town. We started at Oceana, where we sat outside as it was going to be easier than having half the group constantly outside for a fag and half inside. There was a decent sized group of us and Emma who used to work here came along too so we had a good old natter which eventually turned into a sing song. As we were sat right by the entrance to the New Theatre, when Beauty & the Beast chucked out, I couldn't resist a quick burst of Be Our Guest. Tree and Emma were up for this too, so a bit of a medley ensued. Plus, there was a very cute guy who kept coming and hovering by our group and eyeing me up. Me being me, spotted this instantly .... and it was game on. Eventually, it was getting so blatant that he kept coming out on his own to sit in my eye line (which had he been a smoker could have been convenience or coincidence ... but he wasn't, so why the hell come outside and just sit on your own to drink?), that my mates noticed and were asking me if I had noticed that I'd pulled! After one such visit out, I followed him back in .... to find he had been grabbed by a couple of mates where were clearly very straight and he looked me in the eye, in a dead panic and very slightly shook his head, which I took as a 'not now, these guys don't know' motion, and just smiled and waked off. He then left with his mates. Just thought, I hadnt told Dan this story yet ... oh well, he'll see it now....
From there, we were to head to Soda bar. Aside from Chloe, nobody knew what or where it was! The girls wanted to get a taxi there (despite it being less than 5 mins away on foot) and had difficulties getting cabs that would accept such a pointless fare .. especially as the main High Street/St Marys Street (home of 'Henricks' in Doctor Who) is closed to all vehicles on Friday and Saturday nights. So the girls got cabs and the boys walked. Yes, I was one of the boys for this occasion.
Soda Bar, is underground. Its a row of converted cellars. It smells damp, the floor is just an old cellar floor, the music is random and its a fiver to get in if you aren't on the guest list, but if you aren't on the list, they do try and put you off coming in. I wish they had succeeded. We began by playing Mallets Mallet (word association for the Wacaday Uninitiated) for a while, Chloe was in the loo for most of the time from the moment we arrived. I waited by the girl's loo door for half an hour to say goodbye to her before giving up and just leaving. apparently, she still didn't surface when Emma & Tree tried either ...and we think she isn't speaking to us now as we have all sent messages since and not had responses. It started to get crowded about 1.00am. We decided to hit the dance floor for a while. I will never forget the look on Tom's face when he was dancing with Dave. I would guess its much the same if you ever find yourself face to face with a hungry Tiger in the jungle. Except with the Tiger there would be a ray of hope, somewhere in your eyes.
There was a group of guys dancing around us, who were getting quite physically intimate with each other, but weren't out and out poofs. Then one of them just grabbed my hand and pulled himself to me for what can really only be described as a cuddle and slow dance. I was a bit confused, as his mate/bf/brother/freak-gimp was giving me dirty looks. i asked my new best friend if he was ok, he mumbled, half vomited then went back to butting his head against the padded wall post. Boy can I pick 'em.
At 1.30am, I set off for home after actually what had been a cracking night out. I need to do these things more often, especially as I had only spent just under a tenner all night - and that is with buying my own drinks! I didn't fleece them off mates!

Saturday was a trip to the touring version of Acorn Antiques The Musical! Having seen this twice in the West End (once with Julie Walters playing Mrs O, once with Victoria Wood) and owning the DVD of said west end show, I was unsure how well i was going to take to a touring cast, who were not the original tv cast. How glad I am to be wrong.
The show has been totally re written, and the original first act involving a directors bleak socio political version of Acorn Antiques has been ditched. The then all familiar version with lots fo lovely singing and dancing has been expanded to a full show. I wont say a lot about the content, as if its coming near you, make sure you go and see it, and I wouldn't want to spoil it. I laughed solidly from the opening front of house announcements (complete with Wood's voice saying Wales Minnellium Centre - spelling intentional), via a host of suitably crap radio ads for the shops in Manchesterford (which probably I saw in a very different humour to anyone else there given my job). The cast do a brilliant job. We were only about six rows back (we had booked front row but due to the size of the orchestra, they had to remove our original row) and had a very good view. Ria Jones who is playing Mrs O is comedy gold. It the Mrs O you know and love, but just a little different...... and for her curtain call, she appeared in a special apron made of a Welsh Flag .. o be joined by Victoria Wood in a Welsh flag tee shirt! Naturally, I leaped to my feet cheering at this point.
We then had a quick chat in a coffee house in the bay before heading home.
Sunday ... I didn't even leave the house. Lots of ironing and watching Cybill .....
So how are you?

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  • At 11:09 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Um ... I made a roast and watched the football.

    So a little bit less exciting then.

  • At 10:19 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    The roast bit sounds good. You can keep the footie though.


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