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Monday, 2 July 2007

Change Your Heart - it will astound you

OK. I have now seen Last of the Time Lords twice more (three if you count with Russell, Julie & Phil's hilarious commentary) and am quite loving it.
Still think the CGI Doctor thing is a bit pants ... but everyone knows that I am a total cockjugglingthundercunt about CGI. It has to be flawless and 100% look like its real for me to grudgingly allow it. To date, very little CGI has impressed me still, when mixed with a live action scene. Don't even start me on the footage at the foot of the London Eye in Rise of the Silver Surfer (the old back projected driving effects in Connerys bond films is better). I have now, however, taken hold of the Peter Pan ending (clap if you believe in Time Lords!) and embraced it like your ex wife, whom you have just hauled from a river and beat on the chest until she started coughing up slurry and began breathing again. Unless it was Hollywood, in which case no amount of CPR would work, but as soon as she is clinically declared dead, as long as you take out all your anguish on her and slap her about a bit, she will, after a few seconds grace, do the coughing up slurry and breathing thing. But I digress.
Still not impressed with the Titanic thing much actually .... wasn't there a better way to do that cliffhanger? If the money was being spent, how about the Doctor walking out of the Tardis, finding himself on deck with the Iceberg looming? Mind you, that's easy for me to say, I'm not writing the bloody thing.
And Martha. Dear, dear Martha. Off to Torchwood to play. She'll enjoy that. Then going back to play in the Tardis for half a series. Leaving them looking for a new companion....
What? well, I dunno .... my schedule is quiet busy actually ..... well, if they ask REALLY REALLY nicely, I may consider it
note to RTD, Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson or any other related party who may find this blog: I'd actually bite your hand off for the chance of an audition if you wave one at me .. and please do, I'm brilliant, me! Won awards and everything. Love you!



  • At 9:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Knew you'd come around...

    Without getting too pretentious, you can also read the 'Doctor' moment as a metaphor for New Who, picking up fans as it goes and turning into an unstoppable juggernaut that can do anything on modern tv... Or it could just be that streak of atheism from RTD coming through again by getting Man tocreate his own God, however briefly...

    I think I need to lie down a bit now.

    John, Letchworth

  • At 11:42 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    I am a Gay Gemini .. i reserve the right to change my mind mid sentence if need be....


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