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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Going, going .. DOH!

So I regularly play a game on ebay. If I want something and you bid higher than I can afford, I make you pay! And I fucking mean pay .... I will keep bidding until you pay three times the value of whatever it is and what I was willing to pay. because if I cant have it, you are going to have to sell organs to have it, over me.

And so it began on Friday. As a laugh, a guy here sent me a link to a Quidditch pocket watch. It was very nice. Comes in a tin that is decorated to look like the box the Quidditch equipment is kept in (from the book artwork, opposed to the film). I then just has a snake, badger, lion and raven in the place of 12 3 6 & 9 on the face. Its 1 of 2000 and I cant actually find another on sale anywhere on google..... so a great collectors item for any fan. But given my financial sitch right now, I had a limit of about £15 to pay on it. Only myself and one other bidder expressed any interest .... and I was the winning bid until about an hour before it ended on Friday. Then each bid I put in instantly was outbid and I went up to 27.87 .. and again outbid. So clearly this other guy/beyatch had a £30 bid in there. So I hit the 28.87, thinking it will bung them to their £30 and they can have it at that price, since its double my maximum.

Well, damn if they hadn't stopped at around £28, making me the new high bidder. And since I wasn't paying attention, this all happened with under 20 seconds left to go ..... so I won.

I now had a new plan. This watch is one of 2000. Cant find them for sale anywhere. Over the next three weeks, a new Harry Potter film and book hit the world. Harry is going to be way up there in the public eye. The perfect time to sell this baby on, at more than I paid for it.

And then today it arrived. And now I love it too much to get rid ..... maybe in 20 years when its really worth a mint!

Update! Look, here it is .. selling for about £100 ... suddenly humbled by my £30 purchase price and think it was probably nicked.


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