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Monday, 18 June 2007

Do You Hear What I hear?

Sweet lord of all the is mighty on a bike .... Doctor Who was good this week. Saying nothing more than that to protect Pete's Innocent little eyes from spoilers. But that was part one of three ... so i am expecting a brain busting ball banging explosion of a cliff hanger for next week. Actually, who am I kidding ... I am well versed in next weeks ep, including the cliffhanger but just cant wait to see it! And for the finale? Only a few people outside the production have been privileged with that. Even the staff at Doctor Who monthly wont get to see it until 7.10 June 30th on BBC1 with the rest of us....

Other than that, it was a relatively quiet weekend to be honest. We are still waiting for that phone call. So most else is on hold.
I did make two new friends however. One a 19 year old lad from Caerphilly who is just discovering who he is and wants to experiment .. well, he kind of has some experience now *cough*
The other is a 21 year old who had me on his friends list on MSN ... turns out we had a mutual friend who put him in touch with me as somebody to talk to when he first came out a year ago or so (I vaguely recall this after thinking about it.... but might be inventing the memory).

Saturday night, I did pop out to Jo West's 40th birthday party at Llandaff Institute. (remember the scene of the war memorial at the end of Family of Blood, where Martha & the Doctor see Tim as an old man? That's where I parked my car!) It was 80s fancy dress. Nobody told me. Well, i say nobody told me, it was on the invite but I lost that weeks ago. I strolled in, dark blue shirt with light blue tee under it, black jeans, red converse ..... well, it was a bit like Michael Jackson in The Way You Make Me Feel video.......
I had made Jo her pressie. A double CD of every number one single on her birthday from birth on .. so 41 tracks ranging from Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, through Gary Glitter to Doctorin the Tardis (really!). Also a bottle of Pinot Grigio, since it was Jo who wrote and directed A Little Extra Help and one of my lines was ... 'A Pinot Grigio, A good accompaniment to a variety of dishes and of course delightful to drink on its own....' so felt it was apt.

And, that's about it really.

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