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Monday, 11 June 2007

Unhappy Birthday

So this is 36?
Today should have been lots of talk about the weekend and what I got for my birthday but in light of a 36 year old man being stabbed to death in my home town today, it all seems a bit trivial.
Its all fairly coincidental and means nothing really, but when a guy my age, from my town, with the same middle name makes national news like this, its a bit like a slap in the face with your own mortality.
Then, shopping today, for the second month running, Dan has run out of money a week before I get paid. Its one of my own worst nightmares, getting to the till and finding out you cant pay for what you have bought. Plus, we both have to get to work for 7 work days between now and getting paid. I did win a tenner on the lottery at the weekend .. so when that appears in my bank it will help. If it happens next month, I will have to re think a few things here.

Anyway, enough doom & gloom. We had a lovely weekend. Being fat boys, we sat at the back of the coach so we didn't have to squish into two single seats. Sadly, it was scorching hot and sunny and the air con didn't work that far back. If I pressed my face into the air thing, I could just feel it ... when we got off, the front was beautifully cool. Clearly, the further back you sit, the less air you get. So we sat near the front on the way home.
We met up with Toby in London and between us totally managed to lose Old Compton Street. Which is odd since he lives in London now and I spent many a wasted (literally) evening there when I was younger. Toby kindly treated us to a meal (we found a burger restaurant that's major selling point was that the cows are naturally grazed, you know, before dragged off and slaughtered, cut into pieces, minced and then thrown on a hot plate) and some Haagen Dazs. They had Midnight Chocolate Cookie flavour! I have been trying to get that for years.
Then of course, we went and saw Wicked again. Still wicked. Some cast changes.... this time we saw Kerry Ellis as Elphaba (she was off last time) and they now have Oliver Thomsett as Fiyero and Susie Blake (the continuity announcer from Victoria Wood) as Madam Morrible. Interestingly, last time I saw Susie on stage was the Wicked Witch of the West in Cardiff 18 months ago.
After, Richie met us and we stayed at his for the night before heading back on the bus Sunday.

Oh, and for my birthday? A Face of Boe! A Cyberman coolbag lunch kit thing, The Hoffs autobiography, a Catwoman graphic novel and the Companion book to Marvel Civil War. The card from Rach is amazing. It has cute weemee type Village People ... genius



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