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Friday, 1 June 2007

Thank Crunchie

I am bollocksed. I have no idea why I am constantly so tired of late, but I just am.

Ok, so read this. Good points, well made. Plus references to Kath & Kim, Catherine Tate, Little Britain & Kylie ..... I like this Steve Dow. I don't agree with this kind of segregation either. It strikes me that the types who are not comfortable with hettys coming into a gay bar probably have a wife and kids at home and are scared that the more mixed it becomes, the more chance they will get caught. Newsflash .... be fair to the family, steal her frocks and flounce off. They will get over it and have a chance to have a man in their lives who isn't lying to them. And how are these bouncers going to prove it? I can see it now ....
'Are you gay sir, this is a gay men only venue. Would you mind proving it? Just suck this for a moment'

And on to Big Brother. Those of you who know me are probably very shocked its taken me until day 3 to mention it, being the BB Obsessive that I am.
Or should say was.
Yes, after 8 years, the love affair is over. I am still watching, casually, but not every spare waking moment glued to the live feed/website as usual. Not least because yet again, its a freak show and that is just boring now. We have a group of young girls, all totally plastic brain dead wannabes who I couldn't care less for. I cant even remember their names. Then there are identical twins who flit about like flower fairies and squeal at anything that moves. Know the scene from the pilot ep of Friends where Rachel's friends arrive? I think the line was ... *scream* look, I've got elbows.... last night ended with them running around on the sofas at 3.00am saying 'we like this game' ... i despair. Then we have Carole. The 53 year old Eastender bisexual political activist. Dead ringer for Millie Tant from Viz for those of you with memories that go back that far. Current fave to win is Laura, from the Rhondda (next valley over from me) who looks like a Matt Lucas character but seems quite sweet. But so far my favourite has to be Captain Tracey Sparrow. I can see what BB is doing. Historically, the show is watched by a hardcore group of straight girls and gay men, so all the girls are voted out promptly. This leaves a male heavy house come about week 7. So 11 housemates, all female went in. One man goes in tonight and presumably more at some other point. If the tabloids have got the names correct, one of them could be an ex casual fuck buddy of mine called Neil. He'd be good in there, so I do hope so. Plus of course, I will then have a story to sell and have a car that needs work doing, a boiler that needs replacing and a wedding to pay for.

Then, tomorrow is the one act Welsh final. Please don't let us win. I don't want to play anymore. I won my award ... cant I stop now? Yes, selfish. Have you met me? Its a long day too. Its around a 3 hour journey to newtown ... then I have to set up, tech, perform, sit through two other plays, sit through the adjudication, awards, a buffet and then do the three hours back. There was an option to stay over, but i can barely afford the fuel, never mind a room for a night. I did want to just hit the road as soon as I was offstage, but its frowned upon to do that. Which is odd that i am even complying, usually I do my thing and fuck 'em ..... at least I wont be missing Doctor Who, having already seen this and next weeks shows......


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