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Friday, 11 May 2007

Freaky Friday Rants

So, to start, Denmark didn't get through the semi finals for Eurovision. Am fuming in one aspect as genuinely thought it was a great Eurovision entry i.e. camp as tits. However, this does improve our own Scooch's chances ... so not all bad I guess.
Scooch are performing very late in the schedule and are between a drag act from the Ukraine and a comedy act. Add to this that the rest of Europe really hates us and we are screwed. Again. Still, I wish them well.

I see over at Pete's blog that the BBC are going to send fat kids to live with Aborigines to learn to live off the land and presumably, lose weight. Its either that or there is going to be a severe shortage of Dingo's.
Why oh why oh why are we constantly bombarded with endless hours of preaching reality television? If we aren't being told what to wear, its how to clean or how to eat. Why cant people seem to actually think for themselves any longer? Has the nation really gone to the dogs to such a point that people aren't intelligent enough to actually find this stuff out for themselves? Was that not the point of the information super highway? For knowledge and experience to be shared, to further the evolution of mankind and push our understanding and enrich the experiences of life? Or was it just created for geeks and porn?
Not that is anything wrong with geeks and porn you understand.
Why aren't the parents of these kids teaching them the values of getting away from the pc/games console/tv and actually going out and doing stuff. And I don't mean hanging around the local offie asking harassing adults to buy cider and fags for them ... biking, building dens, camping, getting lost, falling in rivers fishing for stickle backs, running for the hell of it, scrumping ..... the kind of trouble kids should be getting into to appreciate the responsibilities of being an adult. Living in fear of the consequences of being caught rather than having no care in the world because what is the worst they can do - shout at you?
We learn from mistakes .... but with no consequences from those mistakes due to child protection acts, what is learned?
I am sure if you are in an office environment and over 25, you probably get sent that mail that goes around about living as a child in the 70s and 80s ... and its so true. We did go out, we were pesky meddlesome kids ... we got grounded, cut knees, even broken bones .... but no real harm was done. Nobody got stabbed. None of us robbed anyone for crack. We would be gone for the better part of 12 or 13 hours and our parents couldn't get us on a mobile phone ... they didn't need to.
It seems that as far as we develop wonders of technology to enable us to live, the more we forget how to live, to experience wonder. We pass laws and develop gadgets to keep our children safe ... when without the laws and gadgets, we didn't need to. As a kid, you knew not to talk to strangers, largely because Charlie Said. Its not as if kids didn't go missing ... but they were few and far between and each one a horror and tragedy ... they seem all to frequent these days, it almost numbs us to the facts. And where did these monsters suddenly all come from? Can our sudden technological advancement and decline of intelligence be blamed for their sudden surge in numbers?
Respect is earned, not given. So why the hell are we giving these kids respect on a plate and then wondering why they feel the world owes them a life? Clue: the answer is in the question.
Smack your kids when they are naughty. Cane them at school when they break the rules. Didn't do me any harm .. not that I ever got the cane .. fear enough kept me in check for the most part and didn't make me a nervous wreck. Perhaps, if we brought back this kind of deterrent, put more money into protecting kids from genuine abuse, we wouldn't be spending as much on over crowded prisons, court cases, criminal damage .... you can probably finish this list for yourself.
And just where are those parents nowadays, who were scolding us for stealing apples from a neighbours tree?
Sat in front of the telly, being told to what to wear.


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