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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Pirates of the Carribbean: At Worlds End

Went to the regional premier last night .... and loved it! Here is my review as written for GMG radio:
And finally we reach the last part of the Pirates saga after a year long wait to find out exactly what happened to Captain Jack Sparrow……. Look away if you are still to see Pirates 2 as there be spoilers here …… arrrrrrrr!

At Worlds End doesn’t kick off exactly from where Dead Mans Chest left us …. The newly resurrected Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) has brought his crew to Singapore, to see if the Eastern pirates will help them get to Davy Jones Locker and rescue Captain Jack Sparrow. Of course, things don’t go accordingly to plan, as pirates are not trustworthy by their nature. Plus, the East India Trading Co are after them all and now in control of Davy Jones and his crew on the Flying Dutchman…

Nobody can argue that At Worlds End is a visually stunning piece of cinematography. From Singapore, to the end of the world, multiple Jack Sparrows crewing the Black Pearl across the desert in Davy Jones Locker and a battle across a raging maelstrom will all leave you wide eyed in awe. Also, a very minor thing as far as plot goes but something that made my jaw drop – watch the Rain on Davy Jones face, then remember that he is not actually there and is a 100% CGI creation (actor Bill Nighy is completely replaced by the effects) – truly amazing.

Plot wise – it twists and turns continually as each of the major players work through their own personal plans to get what they want. Double and triple crosses weave through the film but I do think that younger viewers will get lost in the plot and bored by the exposition dialogue (however big kids like me will love it!). All of the plots are wrapped nicely and not all how you would expect. Some bold moves here from Disney for a family film. And as for a Pirates 4? There is the potential and even a teaser of a set up, but like the great Back to the Future films ….. I’d rather they went out on a high than milk it dry.

All in all, a very worthy and fitting end to a spectacular trilogy that needs to be seen on the big screen. And even if you are bursting after the almost three hour running time, do stay until the end of the titles for a special bonus scene to make you say ‘aah’



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