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Friday, 11 May 2007

My New Hero

Some extracts about this chap from Wikipedia:

After several different jobs, including an appearance in an advertisement for ice-cream, he recorded his first singles in 1965

On numerous occasions fans would participate in the gigs, made-up like Zero and dressed in his typical bird-like and strass-decorated costumes.

In 1979 Zero played himself in the movie Ciao Nì (his usual greeting to his fans, which can be roughly translated as "Hi pal!"). In Italy this film was to be more successful than the blockbuster Superman.

His album Leoni si nasce and the tour of the same name, in which he appeared disguised as a lion and escorted by four aborigines, were commercial failures.

Renato Zero dubbed the character of Jack Skelllington for the Italian version of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas


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