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Friday, 1 June 2007

Memories, Like the Corner of My Mind

Just got home from work and wanted to share with you...

There is a junction I drive by on the route to/from work just by Nant Garw, on the hill up to Caerphilly. Said junction has a housing estate. When it is warm, like today, said estate has a certain smell emanating from it. Its hard to describe as it doesn't really smell like anything as such. Not in a way like 'its like grass and chocolate' or something.
But to me it smells like something quite specific ... or somewhen at least. It smells like summer. Summer as a child. Summer in about 1978. It smells of the paddling pool in wardown park. It smells of Sunday afternoons at Aunty Lin's house, sat in the garden watching planes go over head as the adults talk. It smells like very yellow blocks of soft vanilla ice cream. Oblong blocks in oblong wafers. And lets be clear, they are oblong and not rectangle in the same way that balls are round, and not spheres and the rhombus, trapezium and parallelogram are just maths. It smells of playing Star Wars or with Star Wars figures. It smells of wishing I lived in a region that got the Smurfs on Sunday's and Battlestar Galactica on Tuesday's.
Frankly, it smells repugnant. But that repugnant smell is fucking good.


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