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Monday, 4 June 2007

Bunnies in the Headlights

I have to say its been an interesting weekend. Lets do this chronologically, shall we? You know how random I get if I don't.
Friday then. Left work, went home, did very little until Big Brother. Now, I know I said I wouldn't this year, but as any addict will tell you, its hard to give up. I do think that Channel 4 should offer free patches to anyone trying to kick the habit. That said, I haven't watched since Friday, so maybe I am doing better than I thought. And of course, I did need to watch Uncle Betty which was stuck betwixt the two editions of BB. And I do love my Uncle Betty. Did I tell you why I call it Uncle Betty? Its Nerys' fault.
Not impressed with this bloke they have put in the BB house. For a start he nearly had a pop career with Northern Line. I remember them. The Box played their songs a lot back in the late 90's. In my eyes, this makes him eligible for celeb BB and quite possibly more famous than some of the people that they have put in the CBB House (Shilpa? That twat who walked out on day 2 or something this year? I keep wanting to call him Donnie Darko but that would be an insult to a good movie). I was then in the fortunate position of once again having got my mitts on a preview disc for Blink, this coming Saturday's Doctor Who episode.
Now, I had been told, its a bit scary, so watch it in the dark, late at night. A bit scary? FUCKING TERRIFYING MORE LIKE! I, a grown man who turns 36 a week today, had to send Dan through the house turning on the lights and closing the curtains. And the whole time he was gone, I didn't blink. If I had have done, they would have got me.

Saturday was the Welsh Final of the One Acts festival. We were on first. We didn't win ... hell, we didn't even get a nomination. I am over the moon. As lovely as A Little Extra Help has been, I really was ready to leave it be after performing in Swansea and go out on the high...... As it was, the whole day was one of those days where the air is thick and you expect a sudden break of thunder at any moment despite the heat. The performance was like wading through treacle. The audience were very unresponsive ... I even took to insulting them as part of the ad libbing to try and invoke a response. It was flat. I say again, would have been so much better to have finished in Swansea and gone out on the high.
Newtown is an odd place. Quite pretty by day but full of freaks by night (and that was just us....) and nobody there has the vaguest clue how to talk to a customer, but that's not for here.
And I found I have a reader I didn't know existed! Lon, one of the charming young ladies from the GDL found me when searching for articles about the Swansea festival! Wotcha Lon! Of course, my first thought was SHIT! I have been a bit personal and honest on here ... and its certainly some info that I don't go advertising around Telstars as some of them aren't the sort of people who would want to know such stuff about me. But then, if I was that bothered, I wouldn't really out it in a public domain....... apparently i was rather dismissive about the Youth Groups performing at the GDL One Act.... quite probably knowing me. But I didn't see their entry you see. I would like to state for the record that I do support youth theatre - given it is my background! But me being flippant about a play I didn't even see .... of course! I am also very happy to say that the exceedingly good The Bridge will be representing Wales. Quite right too.
Of course, after driving up to Newtown, building our set, out tech and get in, performance, chill out in the bar, listening to the marvellous adjudicator (who I think may actually have been Joanna Lumley doing a character), a quick chat at the buffet .. it was just gone midnight before Kay & I left to head back to South Wales. Luckily, it also meant traffic was scarce, so we were back around 2.00am.
Of course, I had quaffed red bull to make myself awake for the drive and couldn't sleep until 4.30 .... so stayed out for a while....watched the sun come up from Caerphily Mountain which was really nice.
Then on Sunday, I just flaked on the sofa.
Wouldn't you?



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