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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Sticks and Stones?

Firstly, if you aren't keeping up to date with events in the Big Brother house, read this.

Now, I haven't been watching, as its not really grabbed me this year as previously stated, but I think BB has done the right thing here. I fully accept that Emily wasn't really at fault here, as she was using the term very much as a slang buddy word. But BB was already on a bit of a sticky wicket after the CBB debacle, so they couldn't take any risks.

So where does this leave it? She says she wasn't being offensive. The people she was talking to weren't offended. BB agrees she was not being offensive. So who the hell has been offended warranting her eviction?
I have said it before but will say it many more times I expect, its political correctness gone mad.
I have been in many situations where a Black (notice the capital B) person has referred to themselves or a Black friend using the word nigger or negro. Growing up in such a multi cultural town as Luton, I saw the full spectrum of use for such words, from abuse to terms of endearment all with the one word.
Prime example for you. at ntl Luton, I was known to the call centre as Queenie. Around 800 employees at any given time, a high turn over of staff, I was there for four years.... so that's a good 3000+ people who know me as Queenie. Sue still has me as that in her phone and I am willing to bet that there were people from there who don't even know my real name. Did I ever bat an eyelid? Did I fuck. I thought it was hysterical. If they had brought the cameras in and done a reality show on us, would this practice have to have stopped for fear of upsetting the gay community? I highly doubt it. Would they have interfered had it been a racially derived name? You bet your shiny blue ass they would. You see, equal rights just aren't, are they? And I do feel strongly about equal rights ... but would rather they were actually equal.
You cant sing Baa Baa Black Sheep. Why? I was always taught the lyrics were 'baa baa black sheep have you any wool?' and then on to sing about having three bags of it that were pre allocated to the master, the dame and the little boy who lives down the lane. Not really offensive to black people. Fuck me, its not even offensive to black sheep for crying out loud. But it got banned from pre schools in the late 80s under racial discrimination.
Schools had to do away with blackboards as this was offensive too. They became chalkboards. Again, not sure I agree with this. Surely the chalk is what writes on the board, so slateboards would have been more apt but maybe roof tiles got in there first and appealed against that. I just hope that now its all markers and wipe clean boards they don't refer to them as white boards or I shall have to write a very strongly worded letter to my local A.M. dang it.
I remember a story some years ago about the Pratts (yes, really) banana plant in Luton. Its a banana plant. Banana's come in, get sorted into boxes and go out. It was a regular place to go if you wanted summer work when I was in sixth form. I never worked there or the sandwich packing place next door due to the alarming amount of great big fuck off black (can I say that? can I call them black? Perhaps I should say lacking in primary colours?) spiders that crawled out of the crates and got loose, daily. Anyhoo, one day there was a story in the local and national press about how a new employee was talking them to the EU for being racist. Apparently they had asked them to unpack bananas, and thereby had inferred that they came across on the banana boat. OH FUCK OFF! They applied for the job, right? A job packing and unpacking bananas in a packing and unpacking banana warehouse? You just want to poke people like that in the eye for spoiling it for everyone else don't you?
But why stop at race? Does a person who was born out of wedlock write in to Anne Robinson every time someone gets called a bastard on tv? I highly doubt it. Sad fuckers if they do, frankly.
I could go on all day with these, but i am sure you can think of some of your own. So back to BB ... there was no offence involved, but because of this namby pampy society we have created, they had to eject her to stop angry mobs burning effigies in islington.....

So there. You can call me a shit stabbing cock sucking pillow biting fudge packing shirt lifting bent queer poof of a ring pirate who rides the hershey highway.
And I really wont mind.


  • At 4:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The thin end of the wedge forme was when Noddy books (and tv) banned Big Ears because it could cause upset to children with large erm... ears. He is now Mr Grey Beard apparently, which frankly is just ageist!

    John (Letchworth)

  • At 5:16 am, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    People here are still shaking their heads and tutting about the Australian BB producers' decision not to inform one of this year's housemates that her dad had died.

    Could probably tell you more, but like yourself, haven't been bothered to watch this year.


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