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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I Want My MTV

The logo for the London 2012 Olympics has been revealed. Along with a snazzy video that I cant embed here .. actually I cant even manage to get the pic to save and import .... anyhoo, you cant see it all here.
Now, I think its VERY 80s. But not in a good way. In fact, its a load of shit. It reminds me of some kind of hybrid of the videos for Money For Nothing, Breakout and Sonic Boom Boy. If you look carefully, it actually does say 2012 .... 2012 that has been held down in the electric chair, screaming and starting to smoke a little at the armpits and balls until it confessed that the UK actually isn't the best place to do this and maybe some other nice country might like the world to descend on it instead and make it into a totally overcrowded cesspit of drunken sports fans. Like Paris. Then again, London or Paris, who will notice the difference?


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