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Friday, 8 June 2007

Road to Nowhere

Just read this
Pissing myself laughing.
I am going to burn in hell.

In other news, I realised that its going to be cheaper to go to London on the Megabus this weekend. The return journey is around a tank and a half of petrol, plus £5.10 to cross the Severn Bridge. So that's a total of about £62. The return coach tickets for both of us came to £38.50....... This does now mean we cant go in and see the Kylie exhibition, but given they seem to be fully allocated anyway, it would probably have been a few hours queueing to not even get in, so I don't mind that much. Here's hoping that the journey home doesn't become a repeat of January 6th's debacle.
Something just occurred .... last trip was Jan 5th to go see Kylie. Ugly Betty started that night (every bus shelter, billboard and hobo had a poster..). This trip was designed around going to see the Kylie exhibition and Ugly Betty ends tonight on C4 (I saw it on weds in the E4 preview. Sobbed like a bitch). Symmetry?
Of course, since then, I bought tickets to Wicked as my birthday present to me (Monday if you are interested. 36. Fuck) and we are planning on meting Toby in the afternoon and staying over with Richie. We now aren't meeting up with Mark Leete, David & Al and Manda sadly .... but next time! Mark is down here with us later this month, which I am looking froward to as not seen him for about a year.


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