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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Heroes & Demons

Bit of a strange one today.

Last night was a bit of a crisis. Its more Dans story than mine, and his blog should tell the details, but we had a dash to try and get to his Nan before she died so he and his mum could say goodbye. This meant a drive to Newport first to fetch Barb, then hell for leather to Swansea to the hospital. I have met his Nan, I think twice in total, so my concern was more for Dan really. But after losing three of my own Grandparents, without being given the opportunity to say a last goodbye, I was damned if I wasn't going all out to make sure Dan got his chance. People who know me, will know I am a fucking good driver. And stick to speed limits as they are there for a reason ... but last night I hammered the car at 90 plus most of the way to be sure we got there. And we did. Dan spent a good two hours with her before they sent us home.

There is a certain belief that Gay men fall into two categories. Sci Fi geeks and clubbers - with a marginal cross over in between. This news from Outpost Gallifrey, would support that theory:
As reported by PinkNews, the final episode of Series Three of Doctor Who, The Last of the Time Lords, is being broadcast on the same day as the London Pride Festival, held in Trafalgar Square. Organizers of the event, in an effort to not make gay Who fans choose between the annual celebration and the season finale of their favourite show, have come up with an interesting compromise: they plan to carry the live BBC broadcast of the episode at 7:10 p.m. on a big screen at the event's main stage in Trafalgar Square. And if that's not enough to get gay fans out to the event, they've also arranged to have John Barrowman co-host the event with Graham Norton. Barrowman will be speaking earlier in the afternoon about his role as Captain Jack on Doctor Who and Torchwood.The event kicks off at 3:00 following the Pride parade through town and concludes with the broadcast of The Last of the Time Lords.

And, on a related subject, between myself and my mate Jamie in Manchester, I think we have figured out the final secret of the Face of Boe.



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