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Monday, 25 June 2007

The Last of the Time Lords

So did you see Doctor Who?
Bet you weren't disappointed! It has left us with many many 'how the hell are they going to get out of that?' type questions. Pete, look away NOW!

The Toclafane? Who are they? Exactly which void did the sky, spectacularly rip open to reveal? Particularly if it was caused by a Paradox Device! Theories are abounding that its the Time Lords, the residents from Utopia, Daleks & Cybermen or even the population of the Earth from Rose's alternate universe. The key is in the Masters line ... 'If I told you, your hearts would break.....' My money is on Time Lords. Dan even has a theory that its the Time Lords and Gallifrey will be reborn, but from the beginning again .... so all this had to happen for them to exist in the first place. That certainly is a paradox alright.
The Doctor? Well, we know that Lazarus' technology works to make you younger, even if you do turn into a bad CGI monster in the process, so he will be returned to normal.
Jack? cant and wont die. Seen in trailer with gun. But is that the same Jack left in the control room? See below!
Martha. Stunning. Freema has a band of naysayers dogging her every move (yes, I am looking at you Mr Bennett!). I have loved her from day one and in these final shots, she knocked Billie right into touch with that performance. And that little look ...... 'Its like you fancy someone and they don't even notice you're there' .... brilliant. And did her own stunt driving! Go girl! But where has Martha gone? Who will she bring back? Again, rumours abound of a return for Rose... cant see it myself. The Judoon - would bookend this series nicely. An alternate Jack? Possibly. Sarah-Jane? No. as much as I would love her to make an appearance, how the hell would Martha know who she is? That's the thing you see. Wherever Martha goes, unless she meets a character by accident, she can only be going to get help from somebody from series 3, as that's all she knows. leaving us: Judoon, William Shakespeare, The Face of Boe (who does have more to be revealed about his origins and true identity), any of the people stuck on the motorway, Laslo and Tallulah, Lazarus (yes, he died but she can go through time and space with that gizmo, right), that bloke she fancied in 42 (ooh, yes ... he's a good option now I think about it), Tim from 1912, The Family of Blood - not a wise move but they could sniff out the Master and eat him, doubt she'd bother with anyone from Blink as she really had v little to do with them .... bringing us to Utopia .... and I cant see Futurekind being much use and if you were going to skip off to the year 100 trillion, you'd just stop Yana while you are there really. Whomever comes back with her, I have been told by a person who knows, to not get excited about it or I will probably be disappointed!
I just hope that after two cracking episodes that really put just about all other telly, let alone sci fi, into touch, that they can actually live up to it and its not a bit flat or a cop out.
And of course, about three months ago, this happened down Roald Dahl Plass, and was on you tube within hours, so we know that all's well that ends well .. ish.



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