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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A long time ago in a county far far away ... bugger, wrong franchise.
Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name ... hm, almost...
Westminster. The Final Frontier..... that's better. From 97-01, i frequented a place called Pages Bar. A pub in Victoria that catered particularly for sci fi fans. It was themed to resemble a cross between Quarks and Ten Forward, was generally full of Starfleet Officers, Klingons, Trill et al, had star guests from time to time, quizzes, would show new episodes fresh from the USA early in the evening, and was an all round geek campfest from start to finish. I was never really part of the regular crowd as found I could only afford to get there once every few months, but nonetheless, Admiral Bob seemed to recognise me each time and would ask me to dance on the table for him. Apparently, my time warp & greased lightning were to his approval. But, the highlight of the evening for me would always be one of their home made music videos. Long before everyone else was posting them all over the net, Mani (the resident dj type) was making these. You don't have to know Trek/B5 or whatever to really appreciate the humour, but there is certainly another level of fun if you do.
Sadly, DS9 ended, Voyager became the Janeway and 7 of 9 Show adn Enterprise was just bollocks, so Pages became less Trek, more Buffyverse and of no interest to me. Its closed now, so i believe, so here is a taste of one of the things that made the late 90s great for me.



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