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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Wont Get Fooled Again

So ... Doctor Who. Seems to be splitting opinions. Dan, Rach, Mark L, Jamie G & I are in the not loving it camp. John, Gav, Rich & Maria are in the loving it side .. Look away now and come back when you have seen it or get spoiled!

Toclafane. Fucking knew it! Quite happy with this aspect. Personally felt it was a bit of a given.
Then they turned the Doctor into a cross between Gollum and Dobby the House Elf. I laughed at this.... which is when my disappointment set in.
Not entirely convinced by the Doctor spending a year tuning into a psychic satellite network to be honest. And the whole world chanting Doctor, Doctor turning him into Jesus or something ... very reminiscent of the end of Care Bear Movie II: A New Generation. Really!
Jack is the Face of Boe? Ok .. admit, I loved this.....
The Master dead? The only thing I wanted was them not to kill him off. Granted, they did the Flash Gordon pastiche at the end, after the Return of the Jedi pastiche.... so its open for his return. I have had one friend wonder if those red painted nails belong to the Rani. I'd say not but think its the wife ... or the Master has regenerated into Joanna Lumley.
Martha left! Well, written, acted and shot ... but a bit gutted as really liked her. My theory is this though, DT is very likely to leave at the end of series 4 if you ask me, so would Freema have been .. and bringing in a completely new Doctor and companion is a lot of work ... so bring in the new companion during series 4 and life's easier all round. I have heard that Martha will show up next year and will appear in Torchwood too. I hope so. Freema has been wonderful
And then the Titanic ... oh come on? They came up with a handy macguffin to explain Donna's appearance ... how the hell did a ship crash through the Tardis wall? I am assuming the shipbound setting means that they don't have to go on the streets of Cardiff with Kylie in tow ... so my stalking plans need to adapt!
Now don't get me wrong ... it was still better than most telly these days .... just didn't live up to what I expected. Maybe I ask too much?



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