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Friday, 6 July 2007

Pink Flamingo's

So after reading about cock climbing over at Pete's place, I was wondering how they are measuring first come first served (well, doesn't it stand to reason the first to come is first served?. Unless of course, we are talking about a top and bottom sitch, where possibly the top could come first ... but then by definition hasn't the bottom been served, even if they haven't come? Its a dilemma alright).
Which also lead me on to this little gem.
So Carlos and Fernando have been stealing eggs to try and raise a chick of their own. Good on them. Kudos too for the staff for putting the chick back in the egg so the parents could chat to it as part of the bonding process. I wonder why they don't just say dad and dad though? Perhaps they fear Carlos might enrol for a course in cock climbing.


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