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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Who dear? Me dear?

Catherine Tate is returning to the Tardis as the Doctor's full time companion for series 4.
This seems to be getting mixed reactions. I think its a good idea as she is a very accomplished actress. The general concern is that she was very much like her character of Lauren in The Runaway Bride. I think that was written that way because A) It was funny and B) was only for the special, which as I have said before, is a load of camp nonsense and perfect Christmas Day fayre. I am sure they will develop her properly now that she is in for the longer term.
This did lead me to imagine how they could deal with her characters though..... say, if they made Donna a sufferer of split personalities.......

Doctor: Its a TARDIS
Nan: A what?
Doctor: TARDIS. Time and relative dimensions in space
Nan: Oh. Not a carsy then?
Doctor: What? No.
Nan: Oh. Thought you was offering me a lavatory. I might be old but I don't need a commode thank you very much.
Doctor: No .. it just means its bigger on the inside.
Nan: I mean, its all very well but i can get to the toilet on my own thank you. Tardis? What a load of old shit!
Doctor: But, its a ship. My ship .. it travels in time and space.
Nan: You telling me you'd take me in there and whisk me off ... to fucking Mars at the time of the Blitz?
Doctor: If you wanted to, yes.
Nan: What a fucking liberty!

TARDIS Int. The Doctor sets the time rotor in motion. It descends
Margaret: AAAAAGH
Time rotor ascends
Margaret: AAAAGH
Time rotor descends
Margaret: AAAAGH
And so on.......

The Doctor: Why don't you come with me. Last of the Time Lords, I could use a companion.
Derek: Beg pardon?
The Doctor: Well, I just thought...
Derek: What are you insinuating? From one Lord to another?
The Doctor: Well, no ... but ... well, not that it matters, but aren't you gay?
Derek: who dear? Me dear? Gay dear? No dear?
The Doctor: Sorry. Like I say, it wouldn't matter, I mean you couldn't be any worse than Jack...
Derek: Well. 25 years mother and I have been following your adventures, and you accuse me of riding the meaty time rotor! I find you impertinent! Good day!

Doctor: Its a Sonic Screwdriver
Bernie: I like a good screw me. Has it got many settings Doctor?
Doctor: Well, its got a few.....
Bernie: Cuz like, we'd be a couple you an me. You bein a quack and me bein a nurse like. We could play Doctors and nurses. Hide the sonic screwdriver...
SFX: Tardis de-materialises.....

Mrs: So were were on New Earth
Doctor: New earth, bear in mind..
Mrs: And this Cat nun comes over... and she's got a bag of some virus
Doctor: Don't ask!
Mrs: And I says to her, is that safe? And she says..
Doctor: You wont believe this....
Mrs: Its a cure for .. what did she call it?
Doctor: Petrifold Regression
Mrs: A disease, that turns you into stone.
Doctor: a statue basically! And this is in New New York.
Mrs: The dirty, thieving, hairball, praying, stone cold bastards.



  • At 11:27 am, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    I am dreading it. She was awful in the Christmas special - by far the weakest link, and this is from someone who really likes her comedy show

  • At 11:30 am, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Yeah ... I am pinning everything on teh fact that I know she can be very good in comedic and straight roles, and that if they know she is staying longer than an episode, they wont write it as 'Catherine Tate' as it was.

  • At 9:32 pm, Blogger Ruby Tuesday said…

    I'm hoping against hope she CAN raise her game. I'd hate to have to stop watching, I love DT x


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