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Monday, 3 September 2007

Sims Update

Looking after my Daughter wears me out. So here I am sleeping in her room ... with my Optimus Prime tee ...

and Rain bought me a nice android to help around the house. But as you can see, we just sit around watching Tricia and talking about men...
Sadly, Rain didn't like this and broke her. Death actually showed up in person to take her remains away.

But Rain finally took the hint from me, Sophie and Smeagol and took a werewolf cure. So he is human again. Permanently.
Our daughter celebrated a birthday and became a child.
See how Rain is holding me? Dont they look sweet! Look and learn, Dan ... look and learn ..... (of course, Dan is actually completely perfect to me ..... but that woudlnt have made as a half a funny sign off now, would it?)


  • At 5:29 pm, Anonymous Jenny said…

    I played sims once but my characters kept crying because I was "making" them pee on themselves.

    Like I can "make" you do anything, made-up cyber people. Oh and also I kept killing the pets.


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