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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

This Life

Small sims update on the "Robinson" household. Smeagol is still - well, Smeagol ingame. He defies any rules, such as not getting on the kitchen counters...
However, after some training he is now using toilets, rather then the floor/kitty-tray. (if only he could be taught that in real life. Bizarrely, this is his exact pose for such activities .. right down to the ears strained back...)
Rain was offered a chance to go to the Police Academy, which he took, and used his bonus money to buy himself a car. Those in the know will know that in real life they only make this kind of car to order. Rain drives this to work. Yeah, its flash, but I still prefer The Protonator.

Paul finally developed a "bump" and ended up in the hideous male pregnancy clothes (he eventually got really big as well). Of the four colours the game could have put him in, it picked pink. Rain spent a lot of time talking to the "bump". Two issues here. Scared at how much like real me pregnant sim me looks.. and as if I would ever be seen dead in those trousers. Purlease!

Paul managed to go through every meal option (there are over 300) over his three-day pregnancy, sometimes all in one go. This was his ninth lunch....
Followed by a tenth he at least shared.... (Lasagna - which Paul made). So since my Sim stole my lottery wish, what do you think I can project my eating on to him so I actually lose some weight?
Oddly enough Smeagol became overly protective of Paul, and wouldn't let Rain sleep with him (Rain eventually threw him off the bed)
Rain started doing weird things a couple days into the game - wondering around all the rooms at night - eating rubbish (actual rubbish rather than like KFC and Burger King) - making friends with all the stray dogs and wolves, dancing in the rain, sniffing things... (Note to Dan ... if you can get your stomach as flat as this, don't ever expect me to let you leave the bedroom)
It seems you can only cure werewolves on a temporary basis...
... because he's started turning into one again... ok, too much hair, even for me.
Although as a Werewolf he now seems to be on better terms with Smeagol, even cooking meals for him! And that little bugger has two food bowls, so he doesn't go without... despite the way he mews at me the second I get up or get home.
I don't seem to mind sleeping with a hairy beast either.... well, that's no shocker really. And at least Rain turns into a human again in the morning. Not to imply Dan doesn't or anything... he just keeps the body hair you understand.
Neither Paul or Rain seem to be in a hurry to purchase the werewolf cure either. Mind you, being a Werewolf may have advantages for Rain's career... I finally had the baby (in the games room of the house) - a girl called Sophie. I haven't been sent screen caps from the "birth" - Jay meant to take a video of it, and forgot (he says men always scream so much for some reason, cant think why and so don't want to see it!)
This covered an ingame 3 day period roughly 70/80 minutes of play time.
Rain is still on the Law Enforcement career path, and is currently a Patrol Officer (working evenings).
Smeagol is on the Guard career path (although Rain and Paul have wants to put him on the Showbiz path) - currently Smeagol is a "Mouser"
Paul is still unemployed, but is now in full time baby care!
Sophie will become a toddler on the first day of Summer (which means Paul or Rain need to buy some clothes for girls, LOL)


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