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Friday, 17 August 2007

You Raise Me Up...

or maybe as an alternative title, I could have used what, for many many years, i thought was the lyrics to Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes .... The lift goes up where we belong ....

This is all about the best. new. game. ever.

The balcony here at Real where we sit for lunch is being decorated, so we were shunted around the landing into the small gap betwixt the door and the vending machine. Bang opposite the lift. The lift that is for any disabled staff or visitors. Luckily, we never get any as its just full of shit and used as a storage cupboard.
Remember the game you played at parties as a kid, where you would have a tray of random stuff, study it for a minute, then one object would be removed and you'd have to work out what was missing? Kat, Dannii and I were sat there eating and decided what great fun it would be to adapt this to incorporate the lift.
So we got somebody to send something up in the lift, and when the doors opened, we had to guess what had been added or taken away! This stretched from pictures and boxes .. to actual people.
What do you mean i am easily amused?

Watch this then and decide if you believe.


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