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Monday, 30 July 2007

Further Tales of the Weekend.

OK, first off let me say one thing. Transformers. FUCKING BRILLIANT!
Phew, glad that's off my chest.

Then I heard this story today. Sometime last week, the Swansea Post Office depot on the Enterprise Park was subject to a bomb threat. Absolutely nothing was done about this bomb threat. The reason? The letter detailing the bomb threat arrived the day after it was supposed to have gone off. Yep, lost in the post!!!
As it happens, this is something similar to the Tesco Stores bomb hoaxes, where a number of other Tesco stores received their threats after the day they were supposed to happen.
And the cheeky gits keep striking for more money. You couldn't make it up.

Well, there is a little part of the story from Thursday I forgot to mention. Part of the journey from Waterloo back to Hampton Court.
Picture it. Its a reasonably crowded train as its the last none along the line from the city that night, so has anyone who has been out/working late/having a sordid affair with a lesbian Chihuahua on it. So who sits opposite me? Is it:

A) An extremely hot guy who runs his toes up my leg while winking at me and grabbing his own man muscle
B) Sharon Stone in full basic instinct garb, crossing he legs and licking her lips at me .. yes, those lips...
C) A semi cute guy bear, who on further inspection appears to have a freak Jeremy Beadle small hand going on.

Of course it was C. Now, you know what i am like for getting a nervous laugh around the afflicted. Its not me being mean on purpose, I just get the giggles. So I immerse myself in my mobile to keep me from looking .. but of course, its calling me like some twisted Harpie, so I do keep glancing. Then he starts wincing a lot and tucking it under his armpit. Yeah, that helps. And then i after texting a few people for emotional support, what do I get back from mark? Circus music. This of course, has me in fits of giggles. Luckily, I can just keep looking at my phone as if I have received a totally unrelated text....

OK, and now its time for the gallery. Thank you for sending in your pictures, but please remember that we cant return them.

This was sent in by Toby, aged 8. Apparently The Hoff has saved many a person in England and Wales during these floods.

This is the beach party bar in the O2 Arena. Quite funky.

My view of the stage at the Scissor Sisters last week. The small white glow at the bottom of the left scissor handle is Babydaddy.... ah, I love him so.

Now here we have an entry by Jamie, aged 5. As you can see, he has taken a few old pictures of me and adapted them into a Sims version of a character I created for our old Star Trek role plays. I don't think he looks that like me, but he looks .. um ... pretty hot actually .... oh shit. Is it wrong that I have the horn for a cg version of me???? Back in therapy we go....

And why does the spacing totally fuck up when I add mutliple pictures? Flaps.



  • At 12:08 am, Blogger Kevin Charnas said…

    You're terrible...and I was cracking up during your entire train encounter.


    And the real you is much hotter then the created version.

    Hey, I promise to write to you this week, muffin. Forgive me, my hell time is almost over...that is until I die...then the real hell will take over.

  • At 4:23 pm, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    Aw, Kev, you make me blush!
    And no worries .. I know you have a lot on baby


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