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Monday, 23 July 2007

Neither Can Live....

So says the prophecy regarding the fall/victory of the Dark Lord Voldemort.
Ok, in about two paragraphs time, I will be talking about actual events from Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows .. so look away now if you don't wish to know.
I duly arrived at Borders in Llantrissant at about 10.45, to join the people picking up their copy. There was a magician, there had been creepy crawlies to handle (hence, I didn't arrive until well into the evening). What there wasnt was a copy of the Marvel Civil War graphic novel I had promised myself. Gutted. Around 10.55, we decided to join the already forming queue. It was an odd set up ... the queue started at the back of the store and snaked around the aisles. You then had to collect your book by the lift, and go to the front to pay for it. It worked quite well. I was stunned just how many people were in the queue .... it had to be getting on for about 500. And yet Tesco, next door, had a pallet of books by the door, no queue, 2 quid cheaper. I made Dan go in and do the shopping while I sat in the car to read. Well honestly ... what the fuck was he thinking? Telling em we need to do a food shop on the way home .... of all the days......
I completed the book at 7.30pm on Saturday.
JK Rowling had said there were 2 deaths to look out for .... 22 more like! Sweet Jesus ..... I did cry when Hedwig got hit by a killing curse. Then again when Dobby got stabbed. To see a full list of dead peeps, head over and read what Nabu San has to say ... he does it better than I could. And he gives you pictures too, if you have only ever seen the films.
I loved the fact that a lot of the keys to the final plot, have all been present since Philosophers Stone. I also like that Harry does indeed die, giving his own life to ensure that Voldemort can be defeated and his friends can be free. Bit of a cop out that he gets to come back though. Would have been a much braver ending.
I loved this book, but its such a nice ending, that I felt no sadness that its over. It feels complete and that is a good thing. Of course, there are a mountain of franchise books that could be written ... Hogwarts: A History for a start ... then how about a companion novel, from Neville and Luna's point of view, of what would have been year 7 at Hogwarts .... with Snape as headmaster. Stories from the original Order of the Phoenix ... the list goes on.
But for me, I am happy to walk away now, with one complete story.
Roll on the film!

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  • At 2:30 pm, Blogger Pete Kempshall said…

    Finished it last night. Enjoyed it for the most part, but was starting to lose patience with the 'moping around in a tent, waiting for someone to tell us what to do next' bit that sucked up the middle 200 pages ...


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