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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Word is Out

So I am hearing from a mate on a Kim Possible forum I visit that you can download what claims to be (and from the pic I saw, looks very authentic) a page by page scan of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows from torrents.
Am now terrified to go near the internet, tv or radio for fear of hearing something I don't want to regarding plots, deaths, wizards or dark lords.
As a faithful fan and follower of JK Rowlings work, I feel its my duty to wait until Friday night .. well one minute into Saturday morning to be fair.
But then again .... I could get this online, read it and live free in the knowledge that I cant be spoiled, I will be getting the book Friday regardless, can then start reading it to Dan immediately .. or after a quick scan to check the download is the real deal, carry on from however far I get ... oh look ... I am so emotionally stressed my sentences are more random than usual.
That's it, I am going to hide under a rock until Friday.


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