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Monday, 16 July 2007

I Like Driving in my Car

I got the quote back today on fixing the clutch on The Protonator.
It broke a while back. It worked but I had full 360 degree movement on the pedal ... a very very nice AA man came and put a jubilee clip on it but said that the problem was in the back half of the clutch and would need to go up on a ramp to be fixed ASAP.
That was about two months ago.
Today, I finally got to a point where I can afford to get it looked at, so called up my dear mate Heather and got her to check it out for me.
£530 ish ... and that is with her giving me a bit of a discount for being a mate
- we interrupt this entry to mention the horrendous fucking storm that just erupted from the skies here. Thunder, lightning and hail stones .. yes . .fucking hail stones .. so thick that we could only see about 10 feet from the building before it was obscured in a mist of hail and rain -

So anyways .... That means the cars repairs, aside from general running, tyres and stuff would be almost 2k this year alone ... and that's if nothing else goes wrong after this point. So I have to face the fact that I cant afford this car. I love her dearly. Just looking at prices on other cars today has depressed me no end as I realise that I am not going to be able to get anything as sleek, sexy or as powerful.
I shall cry.


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