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Friday, 13 July 2007

Harry Potter & the Amy Winehouse Gig

Last night was HP & the Order of the Phoenix. Actually, so will tonight be ... but that's the opening weekend system for you.

I have to say I LOVED this. Its a thrilling, well adapted version of what is by far an over inflated book. However, the one thing I would say is don't expect the book. You wont get a lot of what you think you maybe should. Ok, concentrate or look away, here comes the spoiler part ...

The opening sequence is fantastic. We are thrown straight into Harry facing off against Dudleys gang and the Dementor attack. Mrs Figg is great, but in a very different way than I imagined. In my head she was something like Mrs Cropley from the Vicar of Dibley .. but David Yates has given her battiness a different direction. We then hop skip and jump a few things to get us back to Hogwarts. Many roles are greatly reduced in this film ... in fact anyone's aside from Harry's really. Even Ron & Hermione feel like minor guest stars. The Woes of Mrs Weasley - gone ... also the big house cleaning session with a certain locket that fans are speculating will be of great importance has been cut. Kreacher is present, but if I call him the Face of Kreacher, Doctor Who fans will understand when they see him. Hagrid being sacked - gone, and with it Minerva being knocked out by Dolores and her cronies. Dumbldores big three page explanation - reduced to a few lines. Marietta - cut and its Cho Chang who gives away the DA's secrets to the Inquisitorial Squad. She is redeemed later though.

But as I say, the book has always seemed like it needed a good edit to me, and the film does not suffer for these changes. There is a certain amount of humour, particularly form the excellent David Bradley as Argus Filch (even though, I don't recall the poor bugger having any lines at all) as he hangs the Educational Decrees and hunts down the DA. Dolores Umbridge is delightfully sweet to the point of wanting a good slap ... and fans of the Weasley Twins will simply love their triumphant exit. The greatest point for me though, is Bonnie Wright as Ginny. If you know what comes next, just watch her in the background every time Harry & Cho are in close proximity.

The grand finale is a spectates in itself... presumably as it will be in 3D at Imax .... even if the Veil in the Ministry of Magic (the atrium looks very like a Disneyland Hotel) really isn't given an explanation. The arrival of the Order of the Phoenix in the same scene will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

In short, this diverges the world of the films and the books about two pacecs more, but truly is all the better for it.

And the post title? The battle at the ministry .... keep your eye on Bellatrix Lestrange and just hear it in your head .... they tried to make me go to rehab.....

Then getting home and taking out the bins, I found we had a lodger.....



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