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Friday, 20 July 2007

The Final Countdown (no spoilers)

well ..sort of ... that online scanned copy fell my way on wednesday, so I am already on chapter 8.
I have already cried once.
Been shocked twice.
Actually had to take a break to calm my breathing once.
Bored with the current page and fond myself scanning to get past it twice.
And had more 'oh my god .... of course!' moments than I can care to mention ... and most of those were in chapter 7 (or 6, I forget exactly ... you'll see when you reach it)

Still actually very excited about getting a proper book at midnight tonight though. Its the whole experience of being there with all the other fans. Seeing mums and dads trying to look cool in front of the kids, when you know damn well they will be reading it the second the ickles are tucked away in their beds.
A few people have scorned and spurned me for pre reading ..... but the way I see it, I will still be part of the experience, still shell out for a book, so its just a try before you buy really. And come on .... you know me ..... since when did I ever wait for anything?


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