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Saturday, 28 July 2007

I Did Feel LIke Dancing

.. but sadly the people behind me got a bit stroppy, at the O2 Arena on Thursday. So I sat down in the quieter songs as a kind of meeting them halfway measure.
But to tell the full tale....

We departed from home in the piss pouring rain and went down to Cardiff so I could get two new tyres on the front of the Protonator. As she is front wheel drive, and the tyres were barely legal,it was the best option considering the drive ahead. And sweet lord of all that is holy, the rain coming down on us the other side of Bristol would probably have killed us in the old tyres. It was raining so ard, and the surface spray was so bad, that we actually had spray coming up high enough to be visible from my windows .. like driving through a deep puddle ... but this was just from the road itself. I could barely see beyond the nose of the car due to volumes of water ... didn't dare drive above 35mph and STILL people were doing 80 in the fast lane. Had they needed to apply their brakes, they would just have hydroplaned and killed people. End of. Thank the Goddess, we made it safely. And thank goodness I had changed those tyres.
I got a bit lost en route to leaving the car at Toby's .. thanks multimap! Then we got into London Bridge just in time to meet Rich for an hour or so before going to the O2
And we are LOVING the O2!
What used to be the millennium dome, it now houses a nice bar and restauranty concourse, a cinema and a stadium venue about the same size and dimensions of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. We were sat in the front row of the upper tiers ... with a very long drop and just a knee high glass barrier before us ... little bit scary...
The Scissor Sisters, were of course absolutely fucking brilliant! Babydaddy is as hot as ever. The stage was made up of the Scissor logo and glowed... They had laser images of scissors performing a 'scissor sister' move at one point (if you know what the name means, you'll know what that looks like) which made me chuckle. There were a surprising amount of kids there. Wouldn't have thought it was the most apt gig to bring them to ... shouldn't they be at Bratz or High School Musical or something?
Anyhoo, the whole thing was recorded to be released on dvd at some point ... so look out for me!

Friday, was leaving Toby's, picking Steve up from Osterley and then the drive back down the M4 ... in much more pleasant conditions that the journey there.
In the evening, we went along to see The Simpson's movie. If, like me, you feel that The Simpson's has lost it in recent years, do go back to them with this ,movie to see all of the stuff you used to lke ... a great blend of in your face with subtle humour, blatant mickey taking of your common or garden American straight man ... you get the idea. The plot largely follows Homer trying to get back in his families good books after being the cause of Springfield being cut off from the world by being put under a giant glass dome ... all with hilarious consequences, and just a little bit of heart. Do stick with the credits if you want a few extra minor laughs...

And today .. well, we had a troll around Cardiff Bay. I went in the Doctor Who up close exhibition as it had been a while ... and quite a lot has changed - I have some video footage to sort out (actually have some from the gig too if I get my arse in gear...). And that's about it ... just watched Evan Almighty (ok) and The Queen (got bored, went for a poo to read and then started this blog)
So what you been doing?

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  • At 12:11 am, Blogger Kevin Charnas said…

    I'm drooling all over myself...I wish I could've gone with you...Although, I would've landed us in the slammer after I threw lit fire crackers at all those kids.

  • At 4:26 pm, Blogger Peter Pan said…

    I did that when we went to see Transformers. Two real die hard nerds (now, i consider myself a Geek, not a Nerd mmmkay?) chatted through commercials and trailers ...and the first two mins of the film. Until I turned around and said to them 'Are you going to shut the fuck up or talk through the whole film? I can either listen to it or you .. either or'. Poor kids shit themsevles and didnt say another word.
    Really .. shit themselves ..I could smell it.


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