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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Its A Hard Rains Gonna Fall

Fuck me it just wont stop pissing down. One day of sunshine yesterday in about a month, floods all over the news - even though, the River Taff that flows below my office window is actually not very high considering. There is a small overflow area right by our car park, which back in January was full and the river was about five feet from bursting it. Its not even started to fill it yet, so I am guessing here in Wales we haven't had those kinds of quantities yet.
I am off to see Scissor Sisters again tomorrow. V excited. Its at the O2 arena (what used to be the Millennium Dome) in London, so it wont be as intimate a venue as when I saw them at the CIA last year ... I will need my binoculars to get a good letch at Babydaddy. Still, would rather be there than not. Bit stuck on what to wear. Think platforms may be in order. I can case out the venue from when Rach & I go there for Prince in about 10 days time too.
Prince. This is the seventh attempt to actually go and see him in concert. The previous six, something has always intervened and I ended up giving the tickets to friends on the day instead. Praying it doest happen this time. Note to self ... iron a purple shirt for the day ... I have about 12 of them ...
Dan is at home this week. I am hoping he thinks to finish decorating the bedroom. I did 95% way back when but I am a bit shit at colouring in - I always go over the lines and the same applies to painting walls n shit. If i am painting a wall, a bit of ceiling and any walls either side of it will get paint too. So I just go near the edges and Dan does the corners and stuff. I refused to move on to another room until the two we did so far are complete. So its on his shoulders now. That said, he did a magnificent job of sorting out our dining room area yesterday. It was a very pleasant surprise to see we can now actually eat at our dining table! We wont, but just knowing we can is quite exciting.
He also finally got around to chasing his house yesterday. Well, not literally you understand ... he didn't run down the street pursuing a two bedroom terrace monty python fashion.... but he did get as far as investigating what we can do about trying to sell it, given its previous sale was halted by the council as they had renovated it as part of a project and he wasn't allowed to sell it until at least 2010, or be liable for £18k. Which would be fine if they had finished the work. But they didn't. They did the windows, doors, roof and exterior walls. But to do so, they trashed the kitchen ceiling and didn't put it back up, took the fireplace apart and left it all over the living room floor, ruined the carpets in every room in the house and didn't even bother putting them back down, let alone replacing them. So as far as I was concerned, Dan was liable for nothing as the contract clearly states he is only due to pay them back if he sells upon completion of the work .... and i do not call that state anything like complete. So for months I have been asking Dan to take the photos I took of the train wreck of our former home, down to a solicitors and get legal advice on it .... since they left the house in no fit state to rent out and stood in the way of him selling it.
So yesterday, he got around to it .... but found that the house had been repossessed in March as he had stopped paying the mortgage last summer when it was about to sell..... at least its out of our hair and if the council try and pursue him for the money ... well, lets just say I am ready and more than willing to counter attack for a large sum of compensation.
This weekend, we have Toby and Steve (an old mate of mine I haven't seen in years) coming down to play. And of course that play will include a trip to see Transformers. V excited.
Also, of late, I have become part of the 'Kimmunity'. The online Kim Possible fandom. I really thought I was the only person who knew about the show over the age of about 7! So wrong! And they are all really lovely people too. Actually, mostly nicer than a lot of the sci fi fans I have been involved with over the years, who tend to resemble comic book guy from The Simpsons in appearance and attitude. I am sure a lot of you know the type I mean. But these KP fans ... they are a scream! Love them all!
Speaking of The Simpsons ... the movie finally hits us this week too. It should be better than recent seasons as its the old team back together. Well lets fucking hope so eh?

And the best news ever ..... Michael Mouse Tolliver is back in my life. For the un initiated, (shame on you) Michael is a character from Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City books. Michael was key to me coming to terms with my own sexuality. As a young man, I wanted to be Mouse when I grew up. Nearly everyone wanted a Mouse as their Christmas tree man. One ex of mine even said he found his Mouse and he was foolish to let me get away... so now, years later, he has his own book - Michael Tolliver Lives. And the really odd thing ... I did it. I grew into him and became the man I set out to be. And I didn't spot it happening, but just realised last night while reading what he did next. I cant tell you how happy that makes me.


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