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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Keep On Running...

I have had the shits since Friday. Now very dehydrated and if I stop drinking for more than 20 mins, I get a fucker of a headache. It was at its worse Sunday night/Monday morning .. resulting in me not actually being able to stay off a loo long enough to actually get to work and then a pounding noggin of migraine like proportions. Luckily ... I seem to be on the far side now and down to a squirt every 70 mins or so.
To bring you up to date, I had old colleagues of mine from ntl Luton down over the weekend. Stevo arrived on Friday and stayed in and had a few drinks .... Saturday we went down to the Village Hotel to watch the Sunderland/Spur game. I got very confused by the game but quite liked the gold trainers one of the teams were wearing. I was very impressed by the interactive commentary as it actually kept taking to me! Then Stevo pointed out that actually it wasn't and that the goal keeper in yellow is called Paul Robinson .... oh well. Then I got very excited by the little headsets the referee and lines men had on ... it was all very Madonna .. but with less Vogueing ... and no music .... or costume changes. So nothing like Madonna at all really.
The game finished about half two and Deb was due to arrive about 3.00, so given The Village sits on junction 32 of the M4, it was easier for her to just meet us there. I got a text from her at 3.00 as she pulled off of junction 32. 20 mins later she rang me from Cardiff City Centre... we deiced it was easier for her to head back to the M4, so she did. And then called me from a school ... as she had gone back to the Cardiff Gate junction and followed directions from there. So she then went back to the M4, off the correct junction and found us.... at 4.00.
Stevo then decided we needed to go visit my local. Now, as a rule, I don't do pubs and certainly not my local. I am sure its very nice and that a lot of the people in there are lovely too .. but its just not something I enjoy. Stevo eventually went down there for half an hour on his own. Bless him. I love him to bits ... but he is such a geezer. We were chuckling at his complete straight man inability to see anything wrong in calling Muslim females ninjas due their apparel and still calling transsexuals by their previous genders name ("I don't care is he's a woman .. he is still John to me and that's what Ill call him" was a classic quote). But then gets deeply offended if somebody calls him racist or homophobic. I just like to think of him as a bit old school as I genuinely don't think he is out to upset anybody.
For the evening, we went into town for a Chinese and then down the bay for a few drinks. I think they were both quite impressed with Cardiff!
Of course ... Sunday & Monday I was actually quite ill but we did manage to get along to a preview of Knocked Up.
Its on general release from Friday ... and as long as sex, drugs and bad language don't offend you, make sure you get along. Particularly if you have had kids.
It follows a couple as they head towards a one night stand, through the events of said night ... to the unplanned and initially unwanted pregnancy that results. I'd be lying if I said this went anything than down the extremely predicable path of 'they get together, they fall out, its ok at the last minute' route but the journey is well worth the look. From the tv execs totally slimy pc HR approach to careers and pregnancy, to the boys gang of stoners and their hair brained schemes to build websites, you are sure to find a few belly laughs and one or two gross outs (look away during the birth if you are particularly squeamish). It may just be that I have lived through a few very similar scenarios myself, that made this so much fun to watch ... Ben's Cirque De Soleil experience rings very close to my one with barney the Dinosaur ... but a genuinely funny film with its moments of heart that will warm your cockles rather than have you reaching for the bucket.

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