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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Something Wicca This Way Comes

So you know the rules which I am bound to by my spiritual beliefs? There is one big big one that is the bane of my life. No personal gain. Ever. Not even if you try and dress it up and make it look like its all about the greater good. I cant even wish for shit for Dan, as I benefit from it in turn so it all goes tits up and I get a walloping boot up the jacksy from the universe. Believe me, its happened a few times.
So two Sunday's ago, Dan & i did our usual thing when having a roast and pulled the wishbone. I won and made my wish .....

You may recall me telling you about an ex of mien making me into a Sims character. Well, he has had to reload the game due to bugs or sumfink and has sent me the results.

He has a whole village he has created and designed, populated by our friends. The way the game works, it seems that he sets them up and off they go and have a life of their own.
Currently, my Avatar is married to a male werewolf called Rain Lupin. I am expecting his child and we still have Smeagol as our pet.

I won the lottery and bought a large house but also shared the money with my friends so they have nice houses too.

Apparently, here we are watching Aliens abduct trees from our garden. Also, for fun, I often play games with Rain, throwing sticks for him to fetch and stuff. Rain is a security guard while I am good at sales and business.

Smeagol is also a top mouser and recently beat a Wolf pack leader so now has the pack at his command.

Oh. And my wish from the wishbone? I wished to win the jackpot on the lottery before the end of September........ talk about your kick in the balls.


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