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Monday, 20 August 2007

All teh Fun of the Fayre

I did my first stint on the Real Patrol on Saturday at Le Grande Weekend in Milford Haven. Which is further away than I thought!
We had stock issues for our freebies as the keys hadn't been left out for us to get at the stock cupboard. This left us with brollies, windscreen scrapers and tea bags. Odd combination. Tea bags seemed to be a winner with the ladies, and given the uncertainty of the weather, the brollies were in demand too. We did get some odd looks with the scrapers though.
We met some initial resistance from the crowd as its a stronger area for Pembroke radio than us, and they were there too with dance school displays, a car and an ice rink - which was blatantly not ice at all but a lump of perspex.
We soon made our presence known though by way of a few challenges. I made the girls do a bungee run contest, which amused the throngs, then we challenged some local kids to a laser quest game.
We each had a gun with 8 lives on it and had to run around the inside of an inflatable maze, in near dark. Apparently, I went in to full on sci fi geek mode ... ducking, diving and rolling as I fired and took out the opposing team. Gun tucked under my arm, I crept around the tunnels, hiding behind partitions and around corners, leaping out to shoot at unsuspecting on comers, before rolling aside and legging it off up the corridor before they could get me back. If you picture Han & Chewie chasing the stormtroopers around the Death Star, you are probably making me look waaaaaaaaaay cooler than I did. I am also clearly shit, as I was the first to run out of lives. The organiser took pity on me and gave me a fresh set, much the same way that the High Council of Gallifrey offered The Master a new regeneration cycle in The Five Doctors. Within about three mins, I had used those up too ..... and still nobody else in there had run out. But then, they weren't charging around with such gusto as I .... anyone can last a game by hiding in a corner.

Also managed to catch two films this weekend.
Blades of Glory. The story of two very different figure skating champs, who tie for gold, have a punch up on the podium and are banned from their sport for life. Some 20 years later, they realise they can go back but as a couple. If only they weren't mortal enemies.... This total, intentional cheese fest is amazing. I usually find the Frat Pack very hit and miss, but chuckled my way through this from start to finish. Go for it as a total no brainer.
Zodiac. Great film, thought it was never going to end though. Based on the true events of the Zodiac Killer in the 60's/70's, this seems to lose steam about halfway through as the killer himself appears to stop killing and we follow the obsessions of the men documenting or investigating the case. Stick with it though, as it is all still going somewhere, even if nobody was ever actually proven to be Zodiac. It puts a very strong case for him being one suspect in particular.

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