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Friday, 31 August 2007

Through the Eye of a Needle

Pumpkin seeds make you shit. Seriously.
Cooked up a batch on Wednesday and ate them over weds/thu night. Now have an ass of fire.......

Something is working though as I am now down to 12 stone 12 .... which I think is the lightest I have been since 1999........ and have only been to the gym once in the last 7 days, so think maybe I had been working too hard and making too much muscle. So am going to vary my gym routine a tad so that I can burn the fat off first, then build some definition, as fat on top of muscle needs about four times the work to shift. So fat off, then muscle on!

I am working on some ads for a property developer who is building some townhouses just outside Bridgend. And now want to live in one. Seriously, they are lush! Its not really a financial possibility for us .. but you know, I do play the lottery ... so here's hoping!

I have now started watching Kim Possible season 4. I can space out the eps over the next week or so, meaning I will watch the last ever show, just after I get my mitts on it. I have loved KP from the start (well .. from when I discovered it in 2004) and this final season has a few more 'nods to the parents watching' which I am finding hilarious. There is a fight going on over t'interweb to get a fifth season and proper dvd box sets released. I'd like that, but do feel that if Bob, Steve and the team have closed the story in 'Graduation' then let it be. Id rather a show ended properly on a high after four years than drag out for 10 and be shit for 4 of them ... yes, i am looking at you Friends.
So if you manage to catch KP, give it a glance. Id love to know what you think.

And finally (shuffles papers on desk) its just three weeks until Prince: The All Nighter, with Roo and three weeks and three days til Dans birthday and Disneyland Paris! Huzzah!


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