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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

We are not alone

Somebody else has the same washing machine issues as me! Huzzah! He writes a very amusing blog too .. if you want to go peruse. I shall leave him advice on how we are dealing with ours!

And another thing. Wasn't Monday night supposed to be the night that Mars was as close to earth as it has been since forever and wont be back for another 230 years and was supposed to look the same size as the moon? Did you see it? No, me neither. But I have huge issues with the theory. Surely, it had to be gradually spinning closer to us and getting a bit bigger every day? It cant have just in the course of one day run over here to wave at us and then fucked off again? And given the moon affects tides, small animals and hairy guys who chase cars, should something as huge as Mars had a similar effect? Or have I just got this all wrong .. after all, I didn't do any research. I just got an e-mail from some random friend or other telling me it was going to happen. Maybe it was 'chinese email' .. like chinese whispers but you don't have to say anything. You know, the mail first started out as 'Ooh look at mars on August 27th, it will look pretty' then changed to 'Mars will be wearing a diamante frock' and finally ended up as its going to be the size of the moon, it may even land in Australia...' or something.

Still knackered beyond belief. Sleep just isn't a friend of mine right now and for no real reason I can fathom. I had a Goldilocks night last night. Under the covers was too hot, out of them was too cold. Sadly my baby bear moment of it being just right never came. There is a gag in there about bears cumming in my bed .. but I'll save your precious minds.


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