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Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Picture it.
Lunchtime, upstairs at Real Wales. The vending machine to be exact.
My pasta is in the microwave so I nip out to purchase beverages and potato snacks to go with.
I choose the lovely Walkers Sensations Oven roasted chicken with lemon & thyme. Mmm tasty. A snip at 35p, frankly. I insert coinage and punch D4. I await with glee as the packet moves forward by way of the twisty spirals and falls to the collection point below.
Or not. As it sticks just above said collection point.
You cant even reach in and up, as the pushing back of door to said collection point causes a flap to go across the top, preventing unlawful thefts of such goodies.
Easy answer, quite peckish, so will purchase Twix to go with.
Insert coinage, hit E4.
Beep beep beep ... little display on machine says I cant have E4. Despite it being quite visible through the glass frontage and full of lovely twix chocolate, biscuit and caramel goodness.
No worries. I am a crispaholic on the QT. Will order delicious bag of Walkers French Fries, which are right by my stuck original bag of yummy scrummy saturated fats.
Insert coinage. Hit F4. They slide forward. And stop. Now have tow bags of crisps paid for and beyond my reach. I spend minutes opening and closing flaps in hope of some dislodging action. Nah. I try and push machine about a bit. No joy.
Eventually spend time assessing what else I can buy that will hit them on the way down. Maybe the lovely small geezers (Maltesers to you) or perhaps the bundles of joy that is a Frys Turkish Delight. There is only one option. Wine Gums. The only product in the entire machine that I don't eat. Fuck. So Amie got free wine gums, just so I could get my crisps.
Some day I wonder what the universe wants out of me.
The offending French Fries & Sensations .. both stuck.
Ooh, reflection of my foot too.


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