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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Busy Doing Nothing

Ive been so tired for so long but just kept going.
So this week, I took a week off proper job (still had two shifts at other job, but I do still have a holiday to pay for!) and I have done ... absolutely fuck all. Its great.
Didn't leave the house for almost 4 days.
We did go to see Hellboy II on Sunday ... which was a bit meh ... its good, but nothing wonderful. Particularly if you have seen Blade II, Hellboy & Pans Labyrinth as its just a cross of the three really. Why its getting 4 and 5 star reviews everywhere is beyond me. The journos just seem to be well up for sucking Del Toro's cock at the moment just because they want access to the stuff for The Hobbit. Of which one film that is actually the book could be good .. but I am really not convinced by this other one they are going to make set betwixt Hobbit and Rings.
And its Cardiff pride this coming Saturday (not lat week as I told Rach .. although she did get a good shopping trip out of it apparently. I think I must have arranged it ages ago before I had found out exactly which date it was. Noted for next year that its Saturday September 5th!!) .. and its going to be fucking pissing down. If I didn't already have a ticket, not sure Id go. I despise being out in the cold and wet ... and if my clothes get wet I shall be leaving immediately before I start retching. I have no idea why wearing wet clothes or being touched when wet makes me spew ... it has to be a psychological thing though, right? But I have now read that Jaki Graham is playing there ... I was a huge fan of hers in the 80s .. Breaking Away is an album I am still trying to get my hands on as it was my fave after True Blue .. which gives you some idea of when that was! I never got to see her live ... so its fulfilling a 23 odd year ambition .. so I shall stand there up to my bollocks in mud, soaking wet and blowing chunks til she has been on .. then go home.


  • At 1:20 pm, Anonymous Markie Moo said…

    I told you I had "Breaking Away" for you. Just needed reminding....

    It's on its way.


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