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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Guided Tour

Well, of sorts.
I am dealing with Rustie Lee's agent on possibly using her for future radio campaigns (don't have one in mind, but think she'd be great for the right client) and thought I'd just remind myself of her voice .. and laugh .. so had a quick YouTube... and found a channel called Luton Today!
Sweet lord its local news at its dullest, but enables me to show you some sights of my home town, without me driving all thew way there to film them.

Wardown Park. This is the place I genuinely believed was Narnia when I was 7.
It was also the place I had a lot of casual gay sex around the age of 28

Alan Crosby .... taught me video production for GCSE Creative Arts in 1988/89

This Sainsburys is on the estate where I had my morning paper round. Most of the estate was still being built back in 86 though....

A few glimpses of the town centre. Shithole that it is.

St Patricks Day is a big deal in Luton.... they cordon off a whole area for it.. right by where I lived before moving to Wales

Ooh look, inside the Arndale. As shit as it looks you know. And never that quiet ...

And they finally shut the Home Stores. About bloody time. Been on its arse for donkeys years.

And finally.

Stockwood Park. Another great cruising ground.


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